There are many types of times. Some might just break them down into good and bad. I haven’t really written for my blog in a really long time. I don’t know what to write either. Few days ago I looked at my WordPress Reader after a long time. Reader is the place you see articles from blogs you follow. Some are seeing the arrival of Spring and some are sighing about the arrival of Autumn in their lives. We are all in the same world in completely different seasons at the same time.

Winter has been great. We had a few weeks of -30s. But we also had a few weeks of -10 and 0s. The days to love. Spring is on its way and now everyone is positive that there will  be no snow anymore. I hope so. I am in mood for Spring and others around the world in their own seasons. Australia getting ready for hibernation. India for the heat of summer. And who knows what’s up in Iceland and Russia. I don’t really know. But seeing posts from around the world lets me see the big picture. We all are going through something. On some level, we all might be suffering from some sort of disease, knowingly or unknowingly, physically or mentally. Some of these things we got as gifts, from the countries we were born in, some from religion, some from family & culture, and some just from our life experiences. All of us have some sort of past, present and future. The past we can’t change; the present is in front of us and the future… unknown. Perhaps in the present we are feeling some things. Some as a result of the past (the time that’s gone) and some as a result of the future (the time that’s not here yet).

It is said that life is lived in the present because that is really the only time we truly have. But perhaps what we are dragging along with us is not from here but from the time that’s gone. “A time that’s gone”. It’s very weird to say that. Because it feels like we drag it along. All of our lives. Experiences change us and perhaps past remains unresolved. Not in the past. But in the present and the future. Let me warn you. I don’t know what I am really trying to say yet. I am a bit lost too. I feel way lighter than usual. But I know life awaits. I know experiences await. To load more onto my back. What will I do then?

If something always awaits to tie itself to you, how can  you ever be free? Of anything and everything? How can you ever be “as light as a feather”. I mean I can still taste the dressing from lunch in my throat…so how can I possibly be free of what’s already gone? I am on another planet it seems. Perhaps that’s the magic of medications. Just here. Nowhere else. Apparently this is the normal state of being. Nothing touching you. Everything going its own way. And when something does intersect  your path? You can handle it. That is the difference. I didn’t believe that before. That I can handle Life. Or anything else. Or that other people can either. Every human can handle themselves, their life, their everything, regardless of what they believe. God made us  to be able to handle everything, whether resulting from past, present or future, even when we, ourselves, might not believe so. Life will bring tests, challenges, people, situations, circumstances, but regardless of it all, we as living humans can handle everything. We can go through everything and still remain alive. We can pass through life with our baggage. And if we really really want to, we can burn that baggage too. We can live with or without whatever we want. Some things will attach themselves to us but we can take them forward or leave them behind. We are the ones who can own it all. There is a fate but we can change it. There is a “I can’t” but we can smash it. We can change our path with our own 2 hands. If we want to.

You are STRONG!

Ish Kish Mish

Mat 24, 2017



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