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Common Ground - Justin Trudeau

The lives we have lived will define the lives we create for others. So, live well.

I have been trying to finish reading Justin Trudeau’s (Canada’s prime minister) biography for almost 2 months and as with all my reading projects, this one remains unfinished. I wanted to read his biography to familiarize myself with the person he is, the experiences that have shaped him and his vision for Canada. I thought that as a responsible citizen of this country, I should know what kind of person he is and what kind of life he has lead. I felt it was my responsibility to know him a little more just as he had tried to know me a lil’ more every single day.

More than reading about his life though, I enjoyed looking at the book cover. I felt as if I could talk to him about many things, especially about wrong things happening in the world today. In front of him, I sometimes stared in silence, sometimes I cried and sometimes times I held the book very tight. And I realized that no matter what I was saying, his face remained the same. At first, I was just confused. I am sitting here shaking with fear and yet, this person is still the same. His face is the same. At the end of the conversation, he’s still listening the same way he was when I began. And that is when I realized… that everything is alright. Everything is alright. I am scared, yes. The world is scary, yes. But… everything is still alright. That is the ultimate reality. The reality I often forget.

All in all, I realized something very important through him. That I am protected. I am protected by all those who are working hard everyday to make this world a better place. And this person is one of those people. So fear not. For courage is always stronger than fear, and love is always stronger than hate. So if today,  fear crawls into your veins and makes a comfortable place, shake it off with the understanding that you are protected and safe. Let Love instead rise in your heart and make a comfortable place.

With Love,
June 16, 2016


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