Every day, all day, we worry.
We worry about life as it is and we worry about what could possibly become of it tomorrow.
We worry whether we’ll reach any of our goals we set for ourselves and we worry whether we are even capable of accomplishing them.
We worry whether everything will work out for the people that we love so dearly.
We worry about the world changing every day.
It’s almost as if in addition to our daily full-time job, our second 24/7 job is to worry.

Life is so scary at times and all the changes and uncertainties just make us worry more and more. It’s almost as if day after day, we live less and less and worry more and more. I was going through yet another stage of worrying a few weeks ago and I did not even realize that it was changing me. I did not want to talk to anyone; I did not want to hear anything; I did not want to see anything. It was almost as if I wanted to escape my own life. And after putting it in words and reflecting on the situation, I realized that in this world, I deserve happiness, not worries.

What are worries anyway?
Why do they have such power over my life?
What was I getting in return as a result of worrying?
And most importantly, why was I letting them take over my life and make me unhappy?

Yes, there are always fears and insecurities in every person but how much did I want to be caged in them? After reflecting on the situation, I chose to trust. I chose to trust that everything in this life happens for a reason. I chose to trust that God has awesome opportunities lined up for me in the future. I chose to trust that people around me support me and care about me. And most importantly, I chose to believe that the truth does not matter. Life changes; people change too. But we cannot let the truth get into the way of what we want because quite honestly, we don’t know what the truth is. And even if we did and found that people stood against us rather than with us, we can only accept and appreciate their presence in our lives because even if they might not be good people, we are and always will be. Simply believing that great possibilities exist in my life and trusting people regardless of what the truth might be – has made my worries disappear. Life is too short to be worrying, questioning and believing that everything is working against us. WAY TOO SHORT! Today, make a choice to believe what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, not deserted and alone.

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