With a Camera In My Hand – Where I Stand -(Part 2)

The Fallen Leaves

As you may have read, the journey with my camera began a few years ago. On a sleepless night to be precise. Originally, I just wanted to capture my surroundings, as they were. I found some of them to be very beautiful. Perhaps I hadn’t noticed what was around me in a very long time, I am not very sure. But there was something about where I was. Something about landscapes that really attracted me. “What a beautiful picture”, I would often say after taking one. The idea of having something in front of me in beautiful colors and everything in an exact place appealed to me.

So I spent the last few years capturing exactly that. The beauty of the landscapes around me. The serenity of the sunsets, the greenery of the grass, the brightness of the light, the abundance of spaces. I felt it represented me the best at that time. A wide shot of what’s actually in front of me. The beauty, the love, the calm and the tears. I felt that at that time I wanted a context to where I was because for some reason, I didn’t know where I was. This photography style helped me become more aware of my surroundings in general.

But as life went on and I changed like any other human being, I realized some things about these surroundings. I realized there were entities present in them. That these landscapes provided a place, a sense of belonging to these entities. That it wasn’t simply a beautiful place by itself. So I wanted to get closer to these entities to explore where they stand in these beautiful surroundings. “Where I Stand” is a journey that explores the place of living and non-living entities in these surroundings and I, myself, am one of those entities. So if you have seen a change in my photography perspective, this is why. Photography, like any other art, is a journey. It is a journey of exploration and self-discovery. I hope you enjoy my new take on my surroundings. I hope you see what I see. I hope you see where I stand. After all, a picture is not just a picture; it is a reflection of what you feel.

Ish Kish Mish
Sept 23, 2015
12:49 PM
Regina, SK, Canada

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