[Dec 8] What made me smile today?

Date: Dec 8, 2014


“The Smile Project” is about focusing on the happy things in life and making the effort to record and remember them. By the end of this project, I hope to have a huge list of things that made me smile at some point in life. You can join as well. 🙂

My Bouquet of Smiles for Today and the Weekend: 

1) The Toilet Paper Delivery:

Did you know that you could order toilet paper online? lol It had been so cold last week that I started ordering all sorts of things online on Cyber Monday. I have been wanting to get a humidifier for my apartment and a heater for my office for a very long time but it is just not possible to take a bus in the cold and then carry it back home without making multiple trips. So on Cyber Monday, I got an email from London Drugs that I could order stuff online wuhuuuu. I didn’t think it would be true but when I went on their website, I realized it was real. I knew I wanted a humidifier and a heater but I thought why not buy extra toiletries for the winter and that way I won’t have to be lugging stuff around in the snow? What a perfect idea. For my convenience, Canada Post delivered the huge box containing $100 worth of stuff on Saturday and omg, I still can’t believe I received toilet paper that was shipped from Edmonton, Alberta LMAO (Edmonton is approx. 780km from here). So that was just perfect. Only because you are young and carless, doesn’t mean you can’t buy the things you need without freezing yourself LOL!

2) The Making of Breadcrumbs:

I have been wanting to make bread crumbs from scratch for such a long time. One of my friends had mentioned once that I could just make it from bread. The idea had excited me. I had never thought it was possible (not sure why) lol. My loaf of bread had been waiting on the counter for a week and I knew I had to google how to do this. I finally took the time to cut the bread into small pieces, dry it in the oven for 15 mins and then basically “blend” it in a blender to make crumbs. It was kinda cool to watch the small pieces of bread jump up and down in the blender haha.

3) The Power of my Towel:

I did a silly and a funny thing today. My towel was wet after my shower and was sitting on my bed. I didn’t want it to stay there so I tossed it over my laundry basket and guess what? It toppled and I went, “no no no no no” and just laughed. See the power of my towel? It can take you down!  LOL! Man, I had to pick it up again lol.

4) The Raise:

I am getting a raise at work in the new year wuhuuuu. It’s a very small amount but I cannot let this event pass without being happy about it. 😀 If I can appreciate the smaller things in life, bigger and better things will eventually come.

5) The Other Version of Me:

The funniest thing happened at work today. As our weekly meeting was going longer than expected, my boss realized he had a meeting right after this one so he was trying to wrap everything up quickly when he realized that the meeting was with me LOL. He said we can start it a bit later as he has no meetings after the one with me. Jokingly, I said, “I can allow that” and everyone (including me) burst out laughing.

Today’s Conclusion

It’s very hard. It’s very hard to continuously try to be positive. Imagine a huge brick weighing about 1000 kgs and then imagine having to flip it every second with your own hands. It’s not easy. If you have lived your life imagining the worst case scenario of everything and believing that you are the one to whom these things are going to happen to, then you are under thousands of these bricks. So to turn them around is no simple task but is it harder than being buried under them? No. Therefore, today’s lesson is to find a way to flip around any negative thought so that it lifts you up rather than weighing you down. Just eat more to compensate for the additional hard work. 😀

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  1. Seeing you (in my mind) laughing over delivered T.P. made me smile. 🙂 I think it is great you don’t have to go out and freeze to get the things you need. Also “seeing” you make breadcrumbs, throw the towel and laugh, made me smile. 🙂 I am glad you got a raise! That is certainly worth smiling about. 😀

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