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Hi all,

This awesome day is finally here!! I am now the owner of my very own website, ishkishmish.com!! :DDD

I have been wanting to acquire ishkishmish.com for a long time but I had been delaying it as much as possible because I knew it would involve a lot of work. Finally, this weekend I took the time to buy my domain and hosting space and started the migration. Even though I am nowhere near done everything I want to do on my new site, I have at least recreated the basic structure I had on wordpress.com. I cannot begin to imagine the cool things I will be able to do with my content from now on.

History of IshKishMish

2011 and before

Not many of you will know this but I started blogging in 2011. However, I started writing way way before then. Mostly on scrap pieces of paper I could find. I did not feel comfortable sharing my words with many people. In fact, many times, I published articles and then unpublished them later on. I also remember wondering about whether I want to keep my site public or not.


In 2012, I finally decided to create my own website with raw code. My programmer friend helped me acquire a domain, create a vision for what I want my website to look like and by the summer of 2012, we had a working prototype and a domain under my name. That project fell apart due to time constraints and the amount of effort needed to create a website from scratch.

Near the end of 2012, I started looking for other content management systems online. I researched extensively and settled on Joomla! I acquired a domain, spent months creating my website and testing customizations I had created. After 6 months of work, I decided to discard everything. The problem was I still did not have the desire to share my words publicly. It was a constant struggle. I continued to write a few things offline whenever I had time and I posted some of them online later on.


By the end of 2013, I decided to let go of all the non-sense fears and let myself be as awesome I was meant to be! I emailed everyone I knew and had told them I would be launching my web site. Finally, On Oct 27, 2013, I posted the inspirations behind the launch of this site. Those words were truly from my heart and even today, I try not to read them because I know they would probably make me cry. From then on, I posted once every few months, basically whenever I felt like. I was finally somewhat comfortable in putting my words out there in the public eye.


In Sept 2014, I received an email from WordPress talking about writing courses they were offering. At first I thought, “should I?” Then I just signed up and hoped for the best. Through the courses, I tried to write regularly and finally found my voice! Still not sharing everything I wrote, I continued with the assignments on my own. I took four courses in total and had the most fun in the photography course. I started making a list of things I wanted to write about and ever since, that list has only been growing. I became more comfortable in making mistakes and not trying to be perfect all the time. Most importantly, I became more comfortable in being me.


I acquired a new domain again and you are reading this post on it right now. 🙂

What’s next?

I really do not know. I know that there will never be a time when I will share everything I write publicly; not because I am scared to share but because I feel there’s a much deeper connection made in conveying the words privately. Writing to me is not about creating a post; it’s about sharing your heartfelt words with someone in whatever way you desire, even if that person is yourself! One of my most favourite and fulfilling things to do is to write a letter. I feel much more honest and connected with the intended reader and most importantly, I know the reader will get something useful out of it. That is the power of words. It can really change your life.

So you see? It’s a long journey, but in order to get somewhere, you have to start somewhere. Life is never too easy. In all happiness, this smile project moment in my life is called Wuhuuuuuu!! It’s party time!! :))))

Thank you for being part of this awesome moment. I will be keeping my old site to chat with the fellow bloggers (more details on that later). If you think this post can help someone, please share it using the share buttons below.

Finally, as life goes on….keep hope in your heart. Have an awesome day/night.

IshKishMish <3


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