Top 3 Guided Meditation Videos

When I first heard about meditation, I laughed at the idea. Regardless, I tried it and learned that it wasn’t for me. I mean seriously, staying silent for a few minutes? It just wasn’t possible. The noises in your head get louder and louder if you try to be silent for a few minutes lol. At least that’s what I found at that time. I found it to be very frustrating and annoying. I know people meditate differently and what takes one person away from the world of thoughts does not necessarily work for another person.

Today, I am going to share some guided meditations that work for me most of the time. One of them is amazing in identifying what really bothers you. Like really bothers you. And it has done magic in my life since I started using it. Two others helps you relax and sleep. The thing about these meditations is that you can do them anytime. It doesn’t take very long and they are all free. Once you have done them enough times, you will realize that you don’t have to set time aside for meditation because they are more like habits that you can introduce into your life. And you can incorporate them in your life in a way that you don’t have to take time out for them. Like for me, I will sometimes do the breathing exercises in my breaks at work or at lunch time. It’s so perfect that sometimes you’ll feel sleepy just after 5 mins of practice lol and that’s when u have to drink tea lol. Enough chatting. Here’s a list of the ones I use frequently:

1) Title: New Insight
This one is my favorite. It helps you look within you and identify what your main areas of concern are in life.  It then helps you see a solution for that concern. You will be astonished by its healing power. Another amazing thing is that you will see different things at different times. And all these things, good or bad are within your mind. It’s the reality. I suggest closing your eyes and following the narrator rather than watching the video.

Relaxation and Sleep:
1) Title: Sympathetic Breathing
This one teaches you breathing exercises that allow you to breathe in a way that relaxes your body and mind. It can be quite relaxing on very stressful days that make you want to pull your hair. Lol
2) Title: Into Sleep
This one helps you shut down your thoughts and feel so relaxed that you fall asleep. This one doesn’t always work for me but it does make it easier to fall asleep. The breathing exercises are much more effective for me when trying to fall asleep.

There are many more at the QuietMindCafe’s website and you can explore them here:
What methods do you use to de-stress and/or connect with you soul? If you try any of these meditations, let me know how you feel about them (especially the new insight one).

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