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There is never really a right time to start being you. The sooner, the better. When I was a child, I remember creating an amazing painting. I actually don’t remember what it looked like. I just remember being wowed by it. At that time, I believe I was in Grade 4 but I don’t quite remember very clearly. We had an art class and whatever I created was for the assignments we received for that class. Few years later, in grade 7 or 8, I took part in a competition and won 2nd place. At that time, however, I had recreated an example painting that the teacher had showed us. There were no rules for the competition; you could recreate what someone else had created or create your own – whatever made you want hold a paint brush. The purpose of the competition was to inspire children to express themselves through painting. I believe that I did bring that painting with me to Canada over 10 years ago but I do not have it anymore so I am not quite sure whether I threw it away or lost it.

I also remember buying painting kits for Summer holidays and spending days completing them. I was the kind of kid who sat down with a kit and forgot about everything else in the world until it was finished. I could not get up until it was done. I wanted to see the final product that badly. That was me. To this day, I still have the 2 paintings that I created using the painting kits (even after a basement flood).

I also remember making candles. In the early days of childhood, we collected wax from used candles and turned the wax into a huge candle. This was quite a treat after Diwali because every house had burnt candles after Diwali. There was joy in collecting wax from the hundreds of candles that I spent hours lighting up the previous day. It was amazing. Other kids would also bring wax from their roofs and we’d create candles together in a diva with a lit candle underneath to melt the collected wax. Later in life came into being the idea of floating candles. Kits were sold with wax, color and molds and you could create candles right in your kitchen in any shape you wanted. I remember winning that kit as a result of something but I don’t remember for what. I remember creating candles and hiding my kit in the back kitchen so no one else would use it. I don’t remember if those candles were able to float successfully in water but I do remember having trouble with the floating part. Regardless, the journey of candle-making was quite joyful.

Watercolors appeared into my life quite early as well. I painted without them once in a while. The first painting that I mentioned being wowed by was prepared with Watercolors. I always wondered why they were called Watercolors. Is it because they need water to dissolve? haha I didn’t realize the exact meaning of it until about a month ago. It’s because water is the main element in the painting, not necessarily the colour. Water takes the paint in whatever direction you want it to go and allows you create wonderful patterns with the colours. Recently, I found a book called “Chinese Watercolor Paintings” by Lian Quan Zhen and it took me far, far away into a world that excited me. A world that perhaps I had always wanted to be in but couldn’t be in because I did not take the time to explore the interest of Watercolour painting.

I do not know if I necessarily have any talent but I do know that all my life, I have had the desire to create something. Something that takes me away into a new world and makes me forget everything. Something that comes from a calling inside my heart and makes me feel accomplished. Earlier in life, I did not put time and effort into this interest because I did not think it could help me accomplish anything in life, but now I know that regardless of whether something can make you money or not, you cannot deprive yourself of an interest that makes you feel alive. Whether you can make a living with it or not, only time can tell that. But you have to give yourself permission to just go and let yourself create what your heart desires.

So, this is me. A creator from day 1. A creator I forgot about over time. A creator I am learning to nourish in the present. A creator who has learned to give herself permission to create regardless of whether it will take her anywhere or not. A creator who thinks of every single creation of hers as beautiful. Because you know what? This is me and I love me.

Here is a collection of my recent Watercolor painting collection for the ‘This is Me’ art project. I invite you to participate as well. To participate, create any artwork using any medium and link it to the This is Me page at or tag it #thisisme_ishkishmish on WordPress or Instagram. Let me know who you really are! 🙂


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  1. My favourite is ‘love’, because there is the sun and the beach, i love both.

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