The Sunset

One day, I was on a bus on the highway connecting Regina and Saskatoon (about 300 kms). It was early in the evening. As days are getting shorter, the sun is setting sooner and sooner so I got a chance to catch the sunset on the bus. It was around 7pm when the sun started to set. I had completely forgotten that I wanted to sit on the west side of the bus so I could watch the sunset and get through the 3 hour journey without getting too bored. I ended up on the east side and struggled to catch a glimpse of the sunset with all the people blocking my view. I am a huge fan of the sunsets and I don’t just let the chance of looking at it for an hour in the bus just get away. I mean what’s the harm? You are not out in the cold, you can view the amazing scenery and be awed at every passing second. There’s nothing more beautiful than the sun painting this world with its beautiful colors while saying goodbye. But not so sadly. Just with enough hope that it will return once again tomorrow. For me, that alone is enough. To live each day.

While I was disappointed that I forgot to sit on the west side and therefore, couldn’t take pictures, I was amazed by the fact that I was in the middle of two continuous paintings of nature. On the west was the sun setting, filling the sky, trees, roads, and farms with an orange background which kept getting darker by the minute, and on the east was complete darkness. I was extremely confused. What the heck? How can one side be so lit up with all the beautiful colors and other be completely dark? It made absolutely no sense. Then I started thinking about what I would want. If I had to choose a side to live on, would I choose the east or the west? I had always thought the answer would be the west because that is where the sunset is. But to my surprise, I chose the east side, the darker one. Why? Because from that side, sitting in the dark, I would be able to watch the sun unfold its beauty; it would like watching a movie in a theatre everyday. It made me realize that sometimes in life, you have to step away from what you think you want to really see the whole picture.

What about you? Which side would you want to be on? East or West? And why?

^^One my fav sunset piks from this summer


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