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Life is magical.

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The winds are cold. The mind is weary. That is the state of affairs this week. I have been waking up, going to work, studying after work, taking pictures in between for the photography class, coming home by the time it’s dark outside yet once again, doing some breathing exercises, trying to cook, watching Christmas movies, falling asleep and doing the same thing the next day. It’s not bad. I am spending time on everything that’s important to me. For now, in this dreary weather, that is enough. I have been feeling a bit phased out though. Getting tired of eating my own food and not liking the takeouts either. I keep cooking when my mind craves raw food. I don’t know what to eat raw though. Onions? lol I have already cooked or frozen everything in preparation for the winter months. Will try to get some raw vegetables this weekend if it is not too cold out.

My love and appreciation for fresh Cilantro has increased. I usually freeze it for winter months but this time I washed it all up, let it dry, chopped it and put in the fridge instead of the freezer. That has been perfect. One day I came home very hungry with not much in my fridge and opened up a can of vegetable soup. I think nothing would have made it more edible and enjoyable than the chopped fresh cilantro. It is the most perfect thing in the world. Since then, I have been using it regularly to top food with. I even put it in the fresh salsa I made. It is just perfect. Nothing in this world can match the passion I have for cilantro right now.

Then there is the story of apples. I am not an apple fan at all. I do not like eating apples at all even though they are so good for health. But I buy them so I would have no choice but to eat them? I have been trying to eat more and more fruits every day rather than snack junk. It makes me feel more like a real person and not to mention, fruits do make your skin glow. Anyway, back to the apples. So I don’t like them. Worst part? I picked up the wrong apples at my last visit to the grocery store. Some “Sweet Tango” apples that were so sour that I had to throw away the first one I tried to eat. I was very disappointed because apparently, they were like $4 per pound and I had paid $10 for 5 apples. That was crazy! After a week of thinking, I started putting them in my morning parfait because the yogurt makes them sweet. On top of that, my mother gave me some delicious apples from the bushel she had bought from the farmer’s market before the world froze. I have tried making parfait with all kinds of fruits: blueberry, strawberry, apples, pears, grapes, oranges, pomegranate. My favourite kind these days? Apples + pomegranates. So, although the story of apples began on a very sour note, it has ended on a sweet one. I am thankful for that. 🙂

The last of my stories is about my homemade salsa. I like simple things in life. Really very very simple. But I haven’t been creative with food for a very very long time. If you ask me how long, I would say forever. It’s seriously been forever. So one day last week, I picked up a tomato. I cut it up and threw it into a blender with some onion, chilli and cilantro, and omg, I hadn’t delighted myself in such a long time. It was a great sauce for my baked pasta. I did the same thing again today (although I forgot the onion and put too much chili) and baked potato chips as a side. It didn’t take very long to put it all together and I didn’t eat it very much either but for the first time this week, life felt alright. I took the time to arrange the potatoes in a small corning ware dish that I stole from my mother; I made sure I didn’t overcook the pasta like I always end up doing; I used all the cherry tomatoes to make my salsa even though I was saving them for preparing my “raw” food meal. I ate the potatoes by topping them with the cooked salsa lol. All of this time, effort and care that I put into preparing a meal for myself made me feel alright. May be regardless of what you see on the outside sometimes, it is really not that bad; it’s not that bad…….

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