Scary Cold Winters

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One of my biggest fears in life is to be left alone outside in the deep cold and have no home to go to. I can imagine myself wandering in the cold with pounds and pounds of clothing in which I find it really hard to walk. Yet, there is no other option. To be in the middle of the world roaming around like a dot as seen from a far far planet. To be alone in a land of all white to the distance where white meets the sky.

The cold weather is something I have feared for years and years. When I first moved to Canada, I had never seen snow. Seeing it fall for the first time was amazing. Walking to school in it? Not so much. I was packed in clothes. I still am lol I don’t know why even thinking about cold weather gives me a shivering feeling. Sometimes, to beat the weather, I would go for walks in extreme cold like -20C (which is the average temperature here if there is no wind). Anyway, somehow I thought I could overcome this fear if I just face the weather face-to-face. Maybe if you spend a lot of time outside, you could eventually get used to it all and be like one of those people who wear shorts in like -10C. Unfortunately, I haven’t really found much difference. What I have found is that it made a difference in my motivation to get things done regardless of the weather.

Sometimes I wonder though…..Is trying to keep yourself as warm as possible the wrong way to go about it all? I really don’t know. Not wearing enough clothing would obviously be stupid as it’ll make you sick. A long time ago, a friend of mine shared a totally different perspective about the cold weather. She loved Winter and said that because it is cold outside, she feels warm inside. I still don’t understand it as I have never been able to feel that way. Seriously, let’s get real. It’s -25C outside. You are trying to at least make yourself some warm food and the firealarm starts ringing and yet, you can’t even open the window because it is frozen. You want to walk to nearest library. You are all packed in clothes and yet halfway, you have to find a building to stop at because you can’t even feel your fingers, feet or face. Your driveway is full of snow. The wind is slapping your face. You are trying your best to pick up the snow and throw it away only to have it blown back on your face. Every time you want to go out, you take 5 mins to wear million layers of clothing and when you have reached your destination, you take another 5 mins to take it all off. I seriously don’t understand how you can find any kind of warmth in all of this. Winter is long and annoying and every year, I pray that it’ll be shorter than the last. And slowly and slowly, I believe if you pray for long enough, eventually it’ll all work out. 😛


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