The Power of Mind

Everyday, I read amazing articles from around the world and each written word gives me something new to think about. Today, I want to share some articles from people who have made amazing changes in their lives.

  • Few months ago, I found a post called, “The Mind” by Karen Wilson and it is actually an excerpt from her book “7 Illusions”. It really helped me understand how my mind was controlling my life and how I can free myself from it. Here’s an excerpt:

For years and years, I identified myself with my mind. I thought I was the mind. What a surprise when I discovered I was not! It changed everything. It was a big relief for me because as a teenager, despite being one of the smartest kids at school, I believed myself crazy. There was incessant chatter in my head, most of it unnecessary thoughts of fear and worry, and I didn`t know if it was the same for other people. That chatter was driving me insane, I wanted to go and see a psychiatrist sometimes. But it seemed that everybody found me ‘normal’, and I was doing pretty well at what I was undertaking. So I started assuming that it was just the way to be, and that I would be an overactive thinker for the rest of my life, no respite.

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I also really liked her post about how meditation transformed her life. Here’s an excerpt:

I grew up very shy and introverted, with very low self-esteem, getting sick a lot, got through my teenage years with ‘low mood’ and ‘dark thoughts’ always running through my head. Maybe I was just feeling lost, maybe I was looking for myself, maybe I was depressed. I was also very anxious, stressed and was experiencing panic attacks on a regular basis. And I also had some  mild form of OCD ( how many times did I have to check my pocket to make sure I hadn`t forgotten my keys!!!). But because I was doing very well at school and then at uni and always been told that I was ‘ intelligent’; I didn`t know if  what I was experiencing was normal or not. For me it was normal anyway, that is all I knew then. Leaving my country at 22 for a one year holiday in Australia was supposed to be life changing. I hoped it would change me anyway, change how I felt inside. Although, even if I did escape my physical conditions, what I thought made me unhappy, I couldn`t escape myself. Inside it was still the same: a busy, scared, worried, unhappy mind.

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  • I really liked this article titled, “Don’t be afraid of who you are” about Alice’s journey of overcoming depression and anxiety.  Life changes us in different ways and sometimes we lose who we are, but that does not mean we are who we see in front of us.

“All this time I thought it was just ‘me’. I thought I was just a miserable, grumpy, emotional person. And I wasn’t. It had all just gotten too much for me, and suddenly everything made sense. The years of unhappiness, of not being able to concentrate after being a straight A student, the constant worrying…everything made sense. Like someone had just turned the light on.”

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  • I discovered a new blog with the first post titled, “My life.” In this post, I really liked Chung’s desire to create something. It re-iterated to me the importance of creating something – the one thing that makes me feel alive every single day. The following words stood out to me.

The thought of creating something, putting in my creativity and energy into something, and having something beautiful come out, appealed to me.

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  • I love Brandon Burchard’s video about how to sustain hope. His words are priceless.

Don’t lose perspective..You’ve had beautiful days before. They will come again. It’s believing in that that sustains our hope.





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