The Longest Path

Yesterday’s daily prompt (circuitous paths) led me to think about the longest path in life. We often live our lives trying to match up to expectations – whether it be our own or others’. We work towards basic things like education, career, money and family. Without realization, every day, we run towards something. And why? Because we want that something. We think that it is important to us and it probably is….

However, when I sit down with myself every day, I do not feel that the longest path in life is to any of these things even though it feels like it takes forever to get them. Yes, you could have studied for 20 years. Yes, you could have worked your entire life. Yes, you could have spent half of your life saving for a house. And yes, you could have worked really hard your entire life to ensure your loved ones are happy, healthy and safe. Regardless of the fact that it took so long to achieve all of this, I firmly believe that the longest path in life is not to any of these things; it is to oneself.


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