The Journey Back Home (5/6)

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The Tree of Life, Written in February 2016

They say you have to come from a great place, not even realize it’s worth, go on to bigger cities, find people exactly as crazy as you, get completely messed up by your own brain and then… go home yet once again in this lifetime. This time, however, a little differently. This time knowing that after all the unnecessary running, you have to learn to stay still. That no matters what happens in life, you must always learn to go back home. That Home is and always will be your default location.

But many of us don’t have that opportunity. We don’t always have a home to begin with or we do, but we feel that it’s not worth going back to, or we are simply in a completely different part of the world and what we once called home is simply too far away.

The word, home, has a very warm feeling to it for some reason. It often brings tears to people’s eyes. It often shakes them to the reality of their life, of what they long to do and how they want to live. Yet, home is not always a reachable place simply because we are no longer there. But home, I have realized, is not something that simply exists; it is something that is created wherever you go. The trees don’t just get their roots from somewhere; you have to plant a seed, water it and watch it grow.

I do not believe that my home is in India. Because if that is the place I was really meant to be in, then I would be there today. My feet and my fate would not have taken me so far away from it. There is a root there for sure, but in a completely different part of the world where I exist today contains another root. Perhaps the tree of my life is supposed to have its roots in many different parts of the world and even the universe. May be, everywhere I go I am meant to plant a seed of love, kindness, warmth and care. May be I am meant to provide shade to many. May be the tree of my life is supposed to have its roots everywhere I go and every place I connect deeply with the soil on the ground and completely lose against myself. Those places will collectively become my home. And for today, it will be Saskatchewan.

From the land of living skies,

With love, warmth and kindness,

IshKishMish <3 <3


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