The Inspiration for the Smile Project

Today, I would like to share with you the inspiration behind the Smile Project. This was supposed to be the introductory post for the project but interestingly, it has become the closing post.


Recently, I have been thinking more and more about why I started this blog. It was to collect the good moments of life and learn to cherish them. It was to learn to smile every day and inspire others to do the same because a smile changes everything.

I will tell you a story of a stranger. A year or so ago, I was having a very awful day. I don’t exactly remember why but I remember being very down and not wanting to pay attention to anything. I went to work and I was taking off my jacket in the coat room when an older lady entered the room. I tried my best to not look at her at all because I knew I would at least have to say hi or something and in this anti-social state of my mind, I did not want to engage in any kind of talk. As I was walking out of the coat room, she was standing right in front of me and as always, I couldn’t help but at least smile. She smiled back in a way that said, “Even if you are hiding, I can see you and I understand you.” That exchange of smile was the only thing I remember from that day. It made me want to smile anyway, no matter what happens in life.

The reason I am talking about this is because I have been thinking about how to capture what makes me smile. Hence, I am starting a “What made you smile today challenge.” It will be a month long challenge which will encourage me to capture a moment, a conversation, a joke, a dialogue from a movie, a picture (who knows what!!!) that made me smile that day.

IshKishMish <3


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  1. So you’re closing it after a month? !

    • It ended last week on my website. Did you miss the announcement in my lessons post? I’ll be continuing the Flowery Fridays series and rolling out another cool project in the next couple of months. Right now, there are some other things I need to focus on. 🙂

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