The Canadian Winds

Every year, Canadians enjoy a very beautiful and warm summer. While going through such a wonderful time however, we do forget about what’s ahead. That is exactly what happened to me today. On any sunny day, a normal person in a normal place would have a wonderful day. Unfortunately, not in Canada. After a whole week of rain and gloominess, I finally saw the sun peeping through the window and got all excited. “What a wonderful day to shop in the other end of the city,” I thought. As I stepped out of the house, the terrorizing preview of what’s going to be the normal state for the next 6 months hit me very hard. A walk to the bus stop that I normally find very enjoyable every single day was accompanied, not by flowers but by what I call, “The Canadian Winds.” Thanks to my over preparation, I at least had a toque and a sweater (which by the way, promises to keep you warm until -15C). Walking against the winds, I was struggling to get to the bus stop and was blaming everything on the new road I had decided to take today.  The truth is, no matter which road you take, The Canadian Winds will find you. There is no escape. But you can find temporary relief behind a pillar or a post box. As I started getting closer and closer to the bus stop, the road started getting narrower. I was waiting impatiently at an intersection for the pedestrian crossing light to appear when it finally hit me. A huge rush of cold air just went straight through my body even though I was supposedly all protected in my sweater, the hood of which I was wearing over my toque so as to block any direct connection with the reality of the weather. Every year, every Canadian has this experience one day when the warmth of the summer is slapped away in a mere second by The Canadian Winds screaming, “Wake up, Canadians! It’s time to get real!”

For me, in Regina, Saskatchewan, this day was Oct 3. When was yours?

Current temperature: Only -3C. Yes, it gets worse. Wayyyyy worse. For now, trying to stay warm in my cozy slippers.

Written in response to Your Voice Will Find YouCould not find an event that’d break my heart but did find my voice. It’s interesting that even if you lose your words, you will still have a voice.


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