Spring has Sprung!

Hi all,

It’s March 20, 2015 and Spring has officially arrived in Canada! Winter always feels SO long and Spring and Summer feel so short that I sometimes feel like they shouldn’t even be seasons lol. I wouldn’t say I wait for Spring every year because I wait for Summer instead. You know – the time when it is finally so hot that everyone else has to turn on their ACs but you are finally happy to have that heat back into your life that you wouldn’t even care to plug your AC in. That amazing feeling of finally burning under the sun. Ah, it’s indescribable.

Spring? Spring is like a hope for the Summer. A tiny hint that something even better is about to arrive. Imagine looking at the sky and few seconds later – finding it full of stars. That is what Spring is to me. Just a few seconds more of wait time to meet my beloved Summer. lol I know that as soon as the ground finishes melting, the city will  start planting flowers and by the time we hit June, everything will be blooming. It’ll be a whole new world. There will be life everywhere on the streets. The sun will be shining. The flowers will be blooming. I will love that time. But to meet my beloved Summer, I’ll have to look for Spring first! And that is why, this smile project video captures my chase for the Spring.

I hope you are all enjoying Spring!

IshKishMish 🙂

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  1. Where I live, in the southern Hudson Valley area of New York State, we had snow on the first day of spring. It’s mostly melted, but it hasn’t warmed up yet at all. It may even flurry a bit tomorrow and Saturday… but the snowdrops have bloomed, so I know spring has arrived. Wishing you a happy spring!

    • … And the video is sweet. It made me smile… I poked at the ice a few times with the toe of my shoe recently too!
      Loved the music you chose 🙂

      • It snowed here on the first day of Spring too. Everything had melted before Spring began and then it all came back lol. It was 11 degrees today so it’s all melting again. It feels nice to go through the changing seasons. 🙂 Thanks again for taking the time to read and watch. It makes me smile even more =D

        • You’re welcome! It’s still on the colder side here, but we had rain on and off for the past couple of days so there are only a few patches of snow left. 🙂

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