[Smile Project Moments] – The Birds Have Arrived

It was an awesome time.
The 1st weekend of warmth.
I was wondering whether I should step out or not because it had been a lil’ chilly a day before.
After thinking “no” many times, I put on my rubber boots and stepped out.
I wanted to see what the lake looked like.
Had it melted already or was it still gonna be a while?
For the first time in the last 6 months, I saw Life. Life everywhere.
Children jumping into the water everywhere, adults walking their pets and exercising, and me – enjoying the sunlight with all of my heart.
The world was finally smiling. It was excited.
Could everything turn around in a matter of few days? I guess that’s life.
After walking around and taking pictures of the newly discovered life, I started to walk home and enjoyed this perfect delight.
They were here. They were here. They were here.
Chirping so loud.
How could anything in this world be on your mind?
They were here. They were here. They were here.
And they said, “Be Free.”
Love is life.
– IshKishMish, Mar 29, 2015, Regina, SK, Canada

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  1. What an incredibly wonderful sound… geese on the move, returning for spring 🙂

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