Smile Project Moments [5] – The Warmth of Cold

There are times when the snow falls in a very dreamy way. Even though it’s falling, it feels as if it wants to stay in the air just a bit longer. As you look through the window, you see the snow stopping mid-air as if taking the time to look at you and then dancing around before finally giving up to gravity and falling a bit lower. It’s almost as if it finds joy in hanging around in the air a bit longer before ultimately hitting the ground and being stuck in one place.

This video is from one of those dreamy snowy days at Victoria Park, Regina. Despite it being quite cold that day, I decided to step out of the office at lunch to capture this amazing view. My hands were completely frozen but it was so worth it. Whenever winter feels too cold, I will go back to this video to remind myself of the warmth of cold. Hope you enjoy. Finally, a letter to snow.

Dear snow,
I wonder what you find in dancing mid-air…
Why is it that you’d rather be thrown around by the wind than being fully secure on the ground?

❄ IshKishMish ❄


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!


  1. I really like the music you chose to accompany your video 🙂

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