Smile Project Moments [4] – Being Loved

In the last week of January, I realized that the month of Love was approaching. You know…the month that comes very year and goes away just like anything else in life. I wasn’t really in the best mood at that time but I had the idea of decorating my office a little. I scrapped that idea due to stupid reasons. Then, for the sake of doing something, I dragged myself out of the office on a very cold lunch hour and went to the dollar store. That is where I met my Valentine who smiled in a way I could never resist lol. I just had to smile back. That’s really all. Meet him:


At that time, spending money on buying hearts felt like a real waste. I was thinking about how every single thing I buy would pile up and make it really hard to move when I have to move. Since I had taken the time to go to the store, I thought, “Screw it. Let’s get something at least. It’s going to be Valentine’s soon.” So with 2 soft, baby pink hearts and my Valentine, I walked out of there. I kept my Valentine near my computer at work and took the rest of the hearts home. Upon reaching home, I put the baby pink hearts on top of my loveseat in my bedroom and was really awed by how beautiful they looked and how soft they felt. That weekend, I went to the dollar store again and bought a few more hearts to have a full-fledged display of hearts on my couch. LOL! I was so happy. In under $20 (which was my “budget” for this kind of “useless” expenditure), I had made myself so happy. Every time I walked into my room, I just could not resist smiling. I was very excited and felt really loved. So loved. <3

That is when I realized that in order to feel loved, I had to put in some amount of effort myself. I couldn’t just think, “When I have someone, I will feel loved.” February will come and go every year but what am I doing every day to make myself feel loved? If you do not have someone who would do nice things for you on Valentine’s day, does that mean that every day should pass by uselessly? At least that’s what the world makes you believe, doesn’t it?

So in the spirit of making myself feel loved, I planned a little something for myself. A week before Valentine’s, I dedicated an entire weekend to doing things that make happy. Here are a few things I did:

  1. Slept A LOT!
  2. I wrote a list of things I love about myself (inspired by Love Yourself @ Adriana Hartley)
  3. I made hearts of all sizes with play-doh and clay
  4. I drank juice mixed with lemonade (for that sour kick) in my favourite margarita glass
  5. I spent hours designing covers with my S-Pen
  6. I made a beautiful flower bowl with my almost dried out flowers
  7. I took the time to straighten my hair (something I do not enjoy very much but agree that it makes me look pretty)
  8. I painted my nails pink with a fuzzy orange coat on top. It was awesome
  9. I drew random things with a pack of crayons a friend had gifted me once
  10. I played korean shows in the background as I did a lot of the above
  11. Finally, before going to sleep, I took the time to record everything I had done in my smile project diary

At the end of weekend, I was totally and completely convinced – that in this world, I was truly loved. So, if you do not feel loved today, spend some time with yourself doing things you enjoy to turn that thought around. It doesn’t cost much at all and you are guaranteed an amazing time. LOL! 🙂 That is why this smile project moment is called “Being Loved”. Because in this life, I want to be me and no one else. Love is forever!


Presents made for yourself by yourself are quite special. ~

What have you done recently to make yourself feel loved? Please share!

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