October Poetry

Oct 4, 2015

This month I am taking a poetry course with WordPress and will be posting poems. Today’s assignment was to write a Haiku (a type of poem) on the topic of “Screens”. A Haiku is a 3-line poem and has 5-7-5 syllables but I actually don’t understand the idea of a syllable, why they are important and how having a certain number of them can have any impact on the message in a poem. I found it too distracting to have to focus on them so I just wrote and came up with many poems. The following are my favourite:

Today: Through the screens

Looking at life
Loving every sight
Through this screen called LOVE

l-a-y-e-r--- b-y ---l-a-y-e-r
Wondering what's left inside


Through it you see
Through it they don’t
Through it

Looking oUt
iN     De


Oct 5, 2014

Topic: Gift

Today’s challenge was to write a poem about gifts using the acrostic style. An acrostic is a poem where the first or last letter of each line spells out a word. We were also encouraged to use similes. I tried to write an acrostic about gifts and it just did not work out at all so I wrote one acrostic and rest as regular poems about gifts. I am finding that it is actually extremely hard to write with so many rules coz then I am trying to fit within the rules rather than focusing on the message and the message is always more important to me than the form. Typically, I use similes a lot but having to include them made my brain go completely blank. Anyways, I am having fun exploring all kinds of forms because I believe it will help me understand what fits me best and what comes to me naturally.

In a world full of people
She walked far and wide
Holding God’s hand like a child

The presents were scary
She did not like them at all
When people gave her money
That really pissed her off
She enjoyed things wrapped
Nicely in all sorts of wrappers and ribbons
So when he mentioned her gift
Will be put into a “lazy” bag
She gave him that glare
That he smiled about

This gift of life
He often wondered about
Why is it here?
Why is it mine?
He talked to the stars
To get it all sorted out
“Like father, like child,” they said
Like father, like child

IshKishMish <3

Oct 6, 2015

Topic: Skin, Prose, Internal Rhyme

Today’s assignment was to write a prose on skin using internal rhyme (rhyming in the asme sentence). A Prose is any written material that sounds like a poem. I was surprised to find out that most of what I write is actually a prose. This is the style that comes to me naturally. When I was in high school, I used to get confused when english teachers used to try to explain poetic elements. “What do you mean it’s a metaphor?,” I used to say. “The world’s a stage; it’s self-explanatory!!!” LOL! Here’s my top poems for today:

Prose – Convince Yourself

Convince yourself. Convince yourself that you are worth it. Convince yourself that no matter what you have been through, what mistakes you have made, you are always worth it. You are always worth the most amazing things in this world. That underneath the pain, the tears, the broken heart, the shaking soul, there’s someone beneath the skin, waiting. Waiting very eagerly every single moment of your life – to meet you.

Skin – The Leaves

As trees lost their leaves,
I asked them how they felt.
They said it’s nothing new,
I was just making your path bright.

The Internal Rhyme (random theme)

A crack, A back
A broken shack
A love, A life
A very sweet wife
A man, A ban
A very nice tan


Today: Oct 7, 2015

Theme: Imperfections

Today’s topic was to write about Imperfections. It is one of my favorite topics to write about in general. The form was a Limerick. A limerick is 5-line poem with aabba rhyming style. The device was enjambment which means to place your words in a way that impacts how a poem is read. I believe I unknowingly use this device a lot. Hope you enjoy today’s poems.

BeComE CoMfoRtablE in whO yoU aRe
BecOme cOmfOrtaBle noT oNly iN the tHings thaT maKe yOU LAuGh but
also tHe onEs that Make you CrY
BEcoMe ComFORtable in not knOWinG
BeCome coMfortAble in tHe BroKen pIeCeS of yOu
AnD tHe oNeS thAt are toGeTHer
BecOme comFoRtabLe in all that is YOU
FoR tHeRe is NothiNg more ReaL thAn wHat IS.

A world that expects perfection
At every single step, suggests correction
What the hell is better anyway?
Throwing yourself away everyday, or
Living in satisfaction?

It’s ok to make mistakes
It’s ok to get hurt
It’s ok to be in pain

It’s ok to believe foolishly
Love foolishly
Live foolishly

But it’s not ok
To mold yourself
Into a person you can’t even

“Better” is what people
Suggest you become
When they caN’t accept
Who you rEAlly are.

Love yourself,

IshKishMish <3

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  1. Oh you have written a lot of great poems here! I cannot help but visit again and again and again! (and comment and comment and comment, too! ) 😀

  2. Wow. You have written poignant poems! Nice!

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