For a very long time, I have tried to understand what nothing is. Where there exists different types of feelings in this world, like happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise etc, could “nothing” also be a feeling?

To walk right through a cheerful occasion without feeling any joy; to be a frozen river throughout the year; to sit as close as to the window wanting to meet the sunlight; to be unable to sympathize or comfort; to keep on running with injured feet; to submerge yourself completely into something without any regard for hunger or sleep; to sit in a corner, hiding, loving, caring, all by yourself.

Could feeling nothing at all also be a meaningful feeling?  I am yet to find the answer…..

For now, a quote to believe in:

“While living, one does not know,

That living is not perfect.

That sometimes it blossoms with splendor;

Sometimes it withers away pitifully.

That living is about getting hurt sometimes,

And being healed other times.

That sometimes it will require one to leave,

And other times to return.

That living is about constantly changing and moving…

And with that, living is made more beautiful.”


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