My Summer Love

Dear Summer,

Every year, I wait for you so desperately and when you do arrive, I waste my time getting angry at you for not staying long enough. To lose you so quickly when I love you so much? What the heck! And while I am still getting used to the fact that it’s finally warm, you just abandon me in the middle of cold weather. I have every right to be mad at you. How dare you do this to me every single year?

The anger remains… but something has changed over the years. I have started to value you more because you pass by so quickly. I have learned to roam around the streets as much as I can with you. I love you more than anything else in the world and you know that. Every day in the winter, I pray that all of this would soon be over. And you know why? Because I know that at the end of all this will be you, holding me in your warm sunlight with flowers to beautify my way. I love that you make the flowers grow just so I can look at them and be all happy just because they are there. You make me forget about where am I in life or what I have accomplished or not; with you, my love, I am just me. A simple person who can smile for no reason, be excited for no reason and be active for no reason at all. These are the joys you bring to my life. Do you understand? You make me me.

So, dear summer, I promise to make the most of you every year; so promise me that you’ll always stay a bit longer, right beside me. So that we can go for bike rides, listen to live music, watch sunsets, camp, plant and watch flowers grow, go for random walks, try something new and most importantly, lay down under the clear blue sky – just you and me. I love you so much, dear Summer. And I know that you love me too.

Forever and for always,

You sweetheart IshKishMish <3

Can you trust the water?

Written on July 23, 2015 It has been a few years since I made the decision to learn swimming. Few years ago, I had started taking swimming lessons and found myself going absolutely nowhere with it. Looking back though, I have come very very far. Long long time ago, the thought of water had scared me. “The waves will come and take you with them” is what the voice in my head would say. “You will drown and die. Just like that.” But I had always watched people swim. They always looked so cool. Ever since I was little, I…

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My Summer Love – The Pathway Messages

I feel lucky. Very lucky to walk on pathways that have wonderful messages. It began with the Regina Folk Fest, a music festival that happens in Regina every year in the summer. In preparation for the festival, the pathways were decorated with wonderful messages. Walking through the park everyday, I feel so happy as I jump around and repeat them in my head over and over again. Such wonderful reminders of how life must be lived. Thanks to whoever thought of this idea because it’s just my kind of thing. With every step taken to get the usual destinations of…

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My Summer Love – The Mosquito Attack

As the temperatures have been soaring towards the 40s (C) recently, there are a lot of mosquitoes around. Every time I step outside, it’s as if they are waiting for every human being to just step out so they can feast on their blood. Hahaha. I experienced the first attack on my work break when I stepped out to enjoy the sun. Enjoy I did! These creatures tried their best to suck my blood. The second attack occurred later that day. As soon as I stepped out to do some photography in the evening, I realized it was going to…

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My Summer Love – A Summer Realization

On a late summer evening, while riding my bike and feeling the breeze under my hand,  I came to a realization…. I had arranged my memories like rocks on a piece of cloth and just lifted the cloth up in one swift motion. And yet, even when it felt like the rocks had left the cloth’s embrace, hit the ground and shattered into pieces, they stood exactly where I had put them. Perhaps, memories stay intact exactly at the place you had created them. Perhaps, grounded like a tree in that exact place, they await you to rediscover them all…

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My Summer Love – The White Butterflies

I was walking to the grocery store. A regular 10 min walk it is, that’s all. Mind was flooded with thoughts as usual. The breeze was really warm and nice. I could feel it touching me lightly. The trees were giggling too. A butterfly appeared in front of me and then… flew away. I smiled. I began to notice my surroundings a lil’ more. There were tiny, white butterflies everywhere. Hundreds and hundreds of them. On people’s lawns, their flower baskets, over the road. It was a wonderful moment. Sometimes they flew alone, sometimes in groups – as if kids…

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My Summer Love – The Itchy Feet

It was Friday night. A night I usually love to relax on. I was supposed to take go home. As I entered my apartment, I called my mom and told her that I wasn’t coming. I was too tired from last weekend’s camping and didn’t want to do it again. After spending an hour doing nothing but laying down on the bed, I got up and made myself some dinner. I finished eating and was still watching the korean show I usually watch while eating. But suddenly…. it felt so off. I wasn’t having as much fun as I usually…

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My Summer Love – Sun-Kissed

Originally, it was just an idea. To make the best of this summer I mean. How? I had no idea. All I knew was that I love the hot weather, the greenery, the clear skies and that somehow I needed to make the most of it exactly where I am. As I was drying myself in the sun by the pool one day, I realized something: I was sun-kissed. All the small steps taken to make the best of this summer such as going to the park, watching the sunset, riding the bike, listening to the live concerts, watching movies…

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My Summer Love – The Rain

It doesn’t happen often. It doesn’t rain for two days continuously over here. In fact, most of the summer has been so dry that everyone has been very worried. Last week, we finally had it all. Two days of continuous thunder, lightning, strong winds and rain. The rain makes every thing a lil’ cool. But I love watching it. I love being that kid peeking through the window into the outer world, feeling rain’s intensity as it hits the ground, shoots back up again and eventually loses its power. The rain reminds me that anything is possible. That it’s possible…

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My Summer Love – The Walk Back Home

Every time I walk back from the pool at the end of the day, there’s a very warm feeling inside my heart. As if I have spent all of myself on becoming an amazing human being. With the sun setting so late, it’s still very bright outside at that time. Every time I walk back home in this tired state, I finally feel complete. I feel as if have done everything I need to do in order to live my summer life. Summer agrees and responds by lightly comforting me with its breeze. I take it as a reward for…

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