My Summer Love – The Walk Back Home

Every time I walk back from the pool at the end of the day, there’s a very warm feeling inside my heart. As if I have spent all of myself on becoming an amazing human being. With the sun setting so late, it’s still very bright outside at that time. Every time I walk back home in this tired state, I finally feel complete. I feel as if have done everything I need to do in order to live my summer life. Summer agrees and responds by lightly comforting me with its breeze. I take it as a reward for working towards my dreams. I take it as a reward for all those years I felt defeated in. As the world presents itself to me yet all over again, I allow it to combine all of its powers to heal me exactly the way it had once broke me. The summer breeze takes me far, far away. Its comfort often brings tears to my eyes. The tears are warm. The sun is warm. The breeze is warm. There’s absolutely no reason left to feel so cold in your heart.

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!

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