My Summer Love – The Search for Wildflowers

I like adventures a lot. Having to look for something and create something with my hands feels amazing. So one day, I went out on a bike ride with a purpose. The purpose of searching for the wildflowers. I had spent an hour in the well-maintained park and hadn’t had much success. I had checked everything from the side of the lake, to parking lots to corners of the buildings, but there was nothing in that area. Defeated, I decided to go through the alleys on my street rather than the road and was successful in finding some windflowers. I was quite proud of having installed my bicycle basket by myself so I could carry out such activities for myself and now that basket had some flowers in it, I felt even more accomplished. This is what I created that day. I call it, “When you look the other way, do you still see me?”


Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!

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