My Summer Love – The Margarita Glass Incident

I like my margarita glasses. They are very colourful. I don’t really like to drink alcohol though. I like having different glasses to drink stuff in. To me, it’s not really about the drink but the glass itself. The feeling you get in your heart as soon as you pick up that glass. Wooo! It’s awesome. Like being on top of the world.

In an effort to make the most of my summer at work, I decided to take a Margarita glass  to work. You know, to drink my water and juice in ;). As I had feared, it caught everyone’s attention immediately, especially my boss 😛 Then I explained the concept of having tropical summer in my office. I don’t think many people understood it but as long as there is no alcohol in the office, it’s all good. 😉 As everyone was laughing about it, we all decided we should bring a cocktail glass to work, fill it with whatever and say cheers to the rest of the day after lunch and get back to work. Now, would that happen? I don’t know but the story of a margarita glass in my office has been quite exciting so far. 🙂 Ahh..this is my summer love. <3 Live. Love. Laugh. Every. Single. Day. <3

Love is forever,

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

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