My Summer Love – The Itchy Feet

It was Friday night. A night I usually love to relax on. I was supposed to take go home. As I entered my apartment, I called my mom and told her that I wasn’t coming. I was too tired from last weekend’s camping and didn’t want to do it again. After spending an hour doing nothing but laying down on the bed, I got up and made myself some dinner. I finished eating and was still watching the korean show I usually watch while eating. But suddenly…. it felt so off. I wasn’t having as much fun as I usually do while watching these kinds of shows and I have only been watching them for 7 years or so lol. They have always been fun! The main girl is finally gonna fall in love with the main guy and it had taken 12 episodes to get here. The moment I had been waiting for for weeks was finally here! But I wasn’t excited about it all….

My itchy feet wanted to be somewhere else. They wanted to be outside, under the sun, at the park where Regina Folk Fest was happening. Never in my life had I chosen to go out over staying home. Never.

This is my Summer Love. My beloved summer was calling and I just had to go.

It's Good To Be Alive



Ish Kish Mish

Metadata: Beneath Your Feet


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