My Summer Love – The Grab and Go to Park Summer Package

Life has been fairly cool with awesomeness of sunshine upon me (hehe). Even in good weather, it can be quite difficult to convince yourself to go out and enjoy the sunshine. That is why, I have created my Grab-and-Go-to-Park-Summer-Package. LOL! The idea is simple: just like it is easy to eat something that you have already chopped up and put in a box in the fridge, it is easy to just grab a bag of things that includes everything you need to relax and do your work and go to the park. I mean, when near the north pole do you get the chance to enjoy the sunshine in the park? June, July and August to be exact and not even all of it.

So, in an attempt to make the best of my beloved summer, my grab and go package will ensure that I get to go to the park often and do my work under the shade of a tree while enjoying the summer breeze. It includes a mat to sit on, a pillow to put my head on, a notebook to write on, a computer to type on, an artbook to draw on and pens and colors to make everything look pretty. Located under the shade of a tree, partly in the sun, near the newly planted flowers, it feels like some old times I had forgotten about. The sound of the leaves, the greenery everywhere, the people walking nearby, the “summer snow” and the park patrolling police officers on their bikes (lol), it’s all right in my neighbourhood, outside my apartment, outside my mind. It’s a wonderful place, if I decide to visit….

IMG_20150615_203259Love is forever,

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

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