My Summer Love – The First Drawing

I began drawing a while ago as part of ‘This is Me’ art project and these days, I have been learning to draw trees. As I was riding my bike through the park, I saw a small bench in a nice shaded spot in front of the lake and I began to complete my Summer Love poster there.

As the poster was getting boring, I observed the scenery in front of me. Suddenly, I wanted to draw it. I had never drawn a scenery before as I wanted to start small but my heart said to give it a try so I did. Suddenly, I changed the way I looked at the landscape. There were no longer thoughts of “it’s too hard”, “too many details”, “I can’t do this” etc. Suddenly, from inside me I heard a  voice, “you can do this” and I didn’t question it. I just started drawing. And there it was – a very impressive for the first time landscape drawing. I had it in me for all these years but I didn’t know. There was so much crap and non-sense thinking all over me that this little voice just got buried and buried over time. Every time I heard that voice, I told it, “This a god-gifted talent. Not everyone has it.” I had tried drawing various times but my disappointment had stopped me from continuing further.

The truth is you draw what you see. It’s that simple. If what you draw is disappointing, that is the way you see the world. In order to draw something the way you want to, you have to change the way you look at what’s around you. Drawing never gives you disappointing results. It shows you where you are in the journey of how you view the world around you.

The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince. – Vincent Lombardi

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PS – Happy Canada Day!! 

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Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

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  2. I could never do much good in the drawing department, so I resorted to my cameras and painting three dimensional objects for my gardens. I figure my talent for art lies in those two realms and in writing. Now, if I could only reserve some more time for the writing. It’ll come soon, I suppose. Yes, Happy Canada Day to my next door neighbors in the North!

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