My Summer Love – The Church Bells

I really love my bike. One day, I decided to take my bike to work and found out mid-way that my tires were almost flat. After work, I went to get the tires pumped but did not succeed. Disappointed at having wasted my dollar, I went back home and decided to try it again another time. A few days later, I made the effort to drag myself out and try it one more time. And yayyy, I was finally successful. It was finally time to explore the world.

As I biking around the neighbourhood, I came to a complete stop at an intersection at the sound of the church bells. The melody of the bells went far and beyond the noise of the music playing nearby, the vehicles crossing the street and the people talking. It was as if, regardless of all the chaos in the world, there was still harmony. The melody had bound everything together. As if, regardless of all the differences that exist in this world, the love of God went far far beyond and embraced all of our imperfections and mistakes and still continued on. Every bell mended in me a part of me that was broken. It was a perfect melody; the one that held all parts of me, perfect and imperfect – in harmony.

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Love is forever,

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

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