My Summer Love – The Blue Sea

When it’s a rainy summer day with a little bit of chill, what do you do? It hasn’t really rained much this summer but today it has drizzling all day so it was a bit cool. On a very tiring Thursday, I come home and wish it was Friday. I sit on the couch as if it is Friday. No worries. No work. As I enjoyed a plate of cherries with a glassful of soy milk, I come up with an amazing idea to melt down yet once again.

I open up the Lush goodies I haven’t touched since winter and draw myself a bath with the blue sea and a butterball. I use a rolling pin to break them into smaller pieces and it feels quite satisfying. I use all of the remaining dry petals to decorate the bubbles. With some of Yiruma’s music, I melt down into the hot water, rising and falling with each breath into the blue sea I have created. This blue sea is a lil’ bit different though. It’s not just blue water. It’s blue water with petals. Red and orange petals. The petals are pretty. Each one is unique in its color pattern. It’s fun to swirl them around in the blue sea. It feels magical; like a place exactly meant for me. I realize I don’t ever have to go too far. Too far to be with myself. I just have to be right here, right here with myself.

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!

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