My Summer Love – Dear Sun

Dear Sun,

You are quite rare up here, you know.

There’s parts of world where people feel like roasted chicken.

They could use less of you there, you know.

You could come up here more often instead.

We do love you too. 🙂

And the clouds?

Uff, why have you guys not made friends with each other yet?

Always getting in each others way.

If you could stay and the clouds could get out of your way, it would be so warm.

Warm like “so hot” for others and warm like “I can finally take off my sweater” for me.

As you settle on my skin though, I want to stay still – completely still – so I can be soaked, fully and completely – in your warmth.

I no longer need a blanket; it feels like it’s just you and me. Forever and for always.

Love you. xoxo

Love is forever,

Ish Kish Mish

Summer 2015

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