The Purpose of my Life

There’s a longing in our hearts that takes us to places. It takes us to our dreams. Somehow, someday, our heart rips through our thoughts, our mind and stands out in a way that’s impossible to avoid. Because quite honestly, it’s been quiet for way too long. We have been ignoring it for way too long. The heart guides us to our purpose – the reason we were brought into this world. There’s a power in our heart that cannot be defied; it shakes us to our very core, hitting our thoughts like hail hitting the trees and shedding them in the process. There’s a power in our heart, a truth that can never be hidden or ignored and the longer it sits there, the more powerful it becomes.

In shaking off these layers and accepting them, I have realized something…. It is the purpose of my life. My purpose of my life, I realized, is to be a flower. To be that one thing in the world that exudes laughter and love. In listening to my heart, I have realized that the only thing real in any moment of my life – is laughter. The only moment real is the one in which we unstoppably burst into laughter and spread seeds of it into the wind to be taken far far away, into the parts of the world we may never be able to touch or see.

But laughter is not constant. The winds can change direction and flowers can wilt.  What once looked beautiful can now be completely dead. The heart can tremble yet once again at the loss of the ones we once loved with all of our hearts. With their beauty, we survive. In their beauty, we thrive. Perhaps they are still beautiful, we just need to remember. When they have lost their vision, we need to be their eyes. We need to remember them for who they are and who they can be. Goodbye is temporary. For in this lifetime, they will blossom all over again. This is the life of a flower and the life I am meant to live.

Hence, with broken sentences and unfinished books, my message to the world is simple:

Live like a flower.

When it’s time to wilt, wilt. When it’s time to bloom, bloom. Live like a flower and bring with yourself a laughter that will rip through the sky and spread with the wind like an irresistible desire.

Keep smiling like flowers,

Ish Kish Mish

July 27, 2015, 8:17 PM, Regina, SK, Canada


A girl who loves smiling like flowers!

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