My Experience at Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour Regina

One of the things I try to do once in a while is to check out random events in the community. Initially, I had no idea what this event was supposed to be about; I just saw them setting up the tents in the parks from my office window and since I had absolutely no attachment to Hockey, I didn’t really think it was worth checking out. After making myself many excuses to not go out, I finally decided to walk through the park as I was going to buy milk and man, did I stay there! 😛

As soon as I arrived, the announcer on the stage alerted me to the free pancakes by sask milk and the hot chocolate. It was cold out there and I was a lil’ hungry so I decided to eat. The lady gave me a plate so full of pancakes that I cannot recall eating that many pancakes at one time in my entire lifetime. But I do not believe in wasting food so I gobbled them down slowly.

Eat me. Eat me.

Eat me. Eat me.

Once your tummy is full, there’s no reason to leave lol. I took a hot chocolate to keep myself warm and began exploring. One of the most amazing things was that the setup included technology everywhere. There were tvs on the “walls”, tablets set on beach chairs lol, couches to sit on and watch tv – all as water was flowing underneath you lol. The snow in park was melting and water was everywhere. I have no idea how they made everything possible in that kind of weather. It was quite impressive. I could not forget the experience of checking out the magazines on the samsung tablet as water was just running around on the floor. Imagine an amazing summer afternoon with a tablet in your hands and feet in the water. How amazing would that feel?

Am I really outdoors?

Am I really outdoors?

After warming myself up in the red tent, I went out to experience other activities. The xbox booth was full of kids. There was no empty spot. It was 0 degrees outside and kids were going at the games like they were in their living rooms. It was amazing. I saw some hockey players being interviewed on the stage so I decided to listen. Their accomplishments, struggles, support from family, wishes for their kids’ hockey career – they shared everything. I didn’t know who they were but I listened very carefully. They were up on the stage so they must be accomplished people, I thought, and as it turned out they were one of the legendary players of hockey. I felt special in having had the chance to listen to their words out in the cold.


Go kids! Never forget to keep following your dreams.

Soon the interview was over and I decided to get a personalized puck with my picture printed on it at the Samsung Booth. It was a long wait there but I got the puck. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to get an autograph from one of the players. I don’t think I have the signature of anyone famous but we’ll save that goal for next time. Next, I visited many booths and got lots of free stuff including an Edmonton Oiler’s calendar, popcorn, a dodge toque, bam bams to make noise with and a “hi mom” poster to say Hi mom on tv. After carefully watching some kids inflate the bam bams, I inflated mine and was ready for the party. They were going to film us and show us live on tv as part of the hometown hockey coverage. I still dono if the camera caught me but I definitely made enough noise and earned the Edmonton Oilers’ scarf from a cheerleader lmao. So many freebies!! I was in love!! lol

Out in the cold, life can still be fun!

Out in the cold, life can still be fun!

I was so cold after screaming for an hour in the cold that I decided to get hot chocolate. Unfortunately, they ran out as soon as they started filling my cup. I found it to be funny. Followed by that were some contests and I decided to do what I had initially gone out to do – buy milk. lol Those were my few hours of fun there. I do wish I had more time to check out some of the other booths but oh well, I had an amazing time. I felt so happy. Plus, now I have a puck to play with if I ever wanna try playing Hockey. I love that I went there and I love that so many companies worked so hard to organize that event for the general public. And I love that I got a chance to be on tv. I walked around feeling like a celebrity for at least 24 hrs 😛 lol


What I learned from this experience was that once again in this lifetime, I overcame my own mind. I did not know anything about Hockey and didn’t think it would be fun to go there but I did. I did not know who those people were on the stage but I listened. I did not think it would be worth waiting in line for half an hour to get a puck with my picture on it when I don’t even play Hockey but I did get one. The question is, why does all that matter? Why would you be willing to try out things that you are not even interested in? The answer is simple. BECAUSE YOU CAN. You can listen to what others have to say. You can at least give them a chance without making any judgements. And that matters because you are recognizing the efforts of others. You are recognizing that they came to Regina to bring such a fun event to the public for free. You are recognizing that they worked hard and spent an amazing amount of money to show people what Hockey is all about. How hard was it to listen to what they had to say and to see what they had to show? How hard was it to welcome them in our city? Not hard at all. It’s always about what you can give back to the world. So stop thinking, step out, give others the chance to share their joy with you and spread that love to the rest of the world. That is the best way to live. Now, it’s selfie time!

IshKishMish <3

Companies (that I noticed) at the event were: Rogers, Samsung, Dodge, Sask Milk, Next Issue Magazines, Sportsnet and other channels, XBox, Scotia Bank, Hockey Association and local food trucks.

To learn more about this event that happened in 25 communities across Canada this winter, check out


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