Love Yourself

It’s when we meet heart-heart with ourselves we realize who we are really meant to be.

Love Yourself is exactly about that.

My dreams are my reality


Today, I have been victorious once again in convincing my mind that efforts made to make myself smile are always worth my time. I love this moment. To a wonderful sleep tonight and a refreshing morning tomorrow, I am grateful to be alive.

Love yourself,

Consider Your Life Preciously

I recently watched a historical korean drama called The Night Watchman. The idea behind the show was that ghosts and spirits take over the royal family and lead it to its demise. The evil spirits attack king’s young son and the king leaves the palace to kill them in order to protect his son. He succeeds. After returning from his journey, however, he is believed to have been taken over by evil spirits. He starts believing that his queen is cheating on him, his son is not his own and even tries to kill his own son. Eventually, the king…

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Smile Project Moments [4] – Being Loved

In the last week of January, I realized that the month of Love was approaching. You know…the month that comes very year and goes away just like anything else in life. I wasn’t really in the best mood at that time but I had the idea of decorating my office a little. I scrapped that idea due to stupid reasons. Then, for the sake of doing something, I dragged myself out of the office on a very cold lunch hour and went to the dollar store. That is where I met my Valentine who smiled in a way I could…

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It was not always all smiles

Yes. This was the unfortunate truth of life. It was not always possible to be a smiley face. It was also not always possible to be a sad face either. Two months ago, I started questioning some things. If I am really considered “lucky” (as per my life horoscope), how is being sick lucky at all? Why were terrible things happening to me all over again? Why did I, at a very young age, always had to deal with stupid health problems that even doctors could never figure out the causes of? Why was I a victim of all of…

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I Am Enough

Last year, as a new year resolution, I made this commitment to myself to dance anyway. I am not a dancer. I was never good at dancing either. But that never stopped me from dancing anyway. My policy in life is to ignore the noises around me and focus on my goals. So one day, I decided to start learning ON MY OWN. I have taken dance classes before but never really enjoyed them very much. Why? Because I just can’t follow the instructors well enough and the classes are too fast-paced for a beginner even if they are “beginner…

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What does it mean to be #LikeAGirl?

Normally, I skip over all the youtube Ads because I find them to be a disruption rather than a break. Today, however, was a different day. While I was listening to some songs, an Ad came on asking people to show how to run like a girl. Those words instantly caught my attention and I started watching the Ad. In the video, men and women were asked to run like a girl, fight like a girl and throw like a girl and they all did – in a way that they thought a girl would do all those things. Then…

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