Love Yourself (1/4)

Written on Mar 22, 2015


As we grow up, we tend to lose ourselves. We begin to doubt our potential. Worse, we try to be like other people; people who are perhaps considered more “normal” by society. We forget to look at and appreciate our own uniqueness and then we wonder who we really are. Many thoughts go on in our mind….

Am I really a person?

Does anyone notice me?

Am I visible?

Does anyone love me?

Does anyone care about me?

We lose ourselves. Worse, we lose the ground we are standing on.

It took me a really long time to realize that I was a visible human being. For years, I tried to hide myself and present myself as the person people expected me to be. However, I did not realize that I was losing myself. I was doing everything I can to prevent myself from being myself. And I was wondering who I really was. Was I the person I show others or a person no one (including myself) had ever seen? It bothered me to not let myself be myself everyday. What was I afraid of? I did not know. Then I looked inside myself and asked,

“Who was going to let myself be me? Who?”

It was me. Only me. I had to let myself become the person God had intended me to be and become comfortable in who I really was, not in the person I pretended to be.

It’s when we meet heart-heart with ourselves we realize who we are really meant to be.

Love Yourself is exactly about that.

Ish Kish Mish


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