Love is Forever

I often say that love is forever. It is not something I think about or question; it is something that comes right out of my heart with so much determination that it breaks through every single doubt. Love is forever….But what makes me so sure, so certain? Million relationships make and break every single day in different parts of the world, how is it that I believe that love is forever? How is it possible for love to be forever?

Contrary to the popular belief that in order to have love, you must have people around you, I feel that love is not something you find in others; it is something you find in yourself. The ability to love everything that surrounds you does not come from another person but how you choose to view everything around you.

Keeping that in mind, what does ‘Love is forever’ mean? Does it mean that once you fall in love, it’s going to last forever? No.
It means love lasts regardless of whether relationships do or not.
It means realizing what you have today rather than being sad about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow.
It means choosing to walk up to the trees and telling them you’ve waited for their leaves for a long time.
It means thanking people serving you food in a restaurant even though you are paying them for it.
It means believing in god’s plan for a better future rather than asking, “why is this happening to me?”
It means smiling at total strangers just because you can and not even expecting anything back.
It means supporting and appreciating people’s efforts no matter how small they seem.
It means wanting absolutely nothing back from the world.
It means thanking god for every tiny possession you are able to have with whatever money you are able to earn.
It’s about realizing that the world is a much bigger and brighter place than your mind is able to show you.

Sometimes, I get lost in the everyday issues and forget that there is at least a sun shining, a place to live, food to eat and a job to go to every single day. When I forget to love single thing around me and start thinking, “why don’t I have this/that?”, that is exactly when I am unhappy. If we are all meant to die one day, why is it that we are wasting our time escaping our reality rather than loving it with all out heart? What good comes from thinking that we don’t have enough? What good comes from finding supporting evidence for it? I realized something a while ago…and that is that in order to be happy, you don’t need anything at all. Not even a place to live or food to eat. No matter where you are in life, what you do, what you want etc, you can always make it enough. I could be homeless today and have no idea whether I am going to get the next meal or whether I’ll be able find a place to sleep. But you know what? I can still thank god for the amazing sunshine, the green grass and the blooming flowers because at least I would not be freezing in the cold like I would be in the winter. So the difference in people is not that they don’t have enough, it’s that they are unable to see what’s around them and as a result, they forget. They forget the reality they are living in because of the expectations they have for themselves. They forget to see the 92 out of the 100 because they are not at the 100 – the ultimate destination they have set for themselves as an “accomplishment”.

We only have today. We might not get to see tomorrow. That is why today, in this moment, choose to see everything with love because only love is forever. Every thing else is secondary. When faced with a moment that makes you think that you don’t have enough, ask yourself, “How can I see the same thing with love?” That will give all your answers you need.

Love is forever,
Ish Kish Mish <3
May 25, 2015, 7:18 PM


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