Life Changes Us

I find that life changes us in unexpected ways. We don’t always see it coming. We don’t always realize that we have changed either. But we do. Unknowingly, unexpectedly, life changes us. Suddenly, we fear. Suddenly, we start worrying – about every single thing that has happened, could happen and is happening. The way we see the world changes completely. Suddenly, we become a completely different person. We forget to laugh, to believe. Life changes us. It’s not our fault. It really isn’t.

So, do yourself a favour: when life gets difficult, don’t let it change you in a negative way; don’t let it stop you from believing that just like everything can go wrong, it can also possibly go right. Push away the negative thoughts and realize how liberating it is to be free from your own mind.

That is why I stopped trying to change the world and controlling everything that could possibly go wrong. Instead, I chose to change my outlook on life because I realized that if I can change myself, I would have already changed at least one thing in this world and if all of us choose to change ourselves rather than others, we’ll collectively create a better world.

Within each human being is a person desperately wanting to get out, to live, to believe, to love, and to laugh every single day and that human being is desperately asking for help. Help that person. Help yourself. And life will start to unfold beautifully. Sometimes in life, it’s not the people around us that are causing us pain. It’s us and our own perspective on our life. We have to realize that on our own, accept it and forgive ourselves and others to be able to move on and believe in the great adventures life is yet to take us on. It is very liberating to realize that our freedom resides within us.

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