In stillness and in love (the love of trees)

In stillness and in love

I love trees. There was a time in my life when I felt so much happiness inside my heart, I would say Hi to every single tree I came across and tell them that I love them. Every day my morning walk to work included this outward display of love. When I went to forests, I saw hundreds and hundreds of trees. I felt so happy, so loved. I told them all that I loved them. And in the shittiest days of my life, they visited me in my meditation and sent me immeasurable amount of love. I was touched. In a place so full of fear, I had room for love? It was a miracle. But since then I have lost touch with them. I have not stood and observed a tree, sat down in the park and tried to draw its every branch, captured it in my photos. I have missed this connection to the strongest and most grounded living creature on earth. We are humans and we have the ability to go anywhere in this world and experience anything and everything this world has to offer. But a tree doesn’t have this opportunity. A tree stands still. With absolutely no measure, no sense of time. Time means nothing to a tree. Life is simply endless. Like the never-ending sight of an ocean. Being grounded, being still and being timeless is what we learn from a tree. I invite you to go out today and hug the trees around you. Living is about connection and it doesn’t always have to be with a human. Be present in nature and love and feel all living beings as much as you can. Once life is over, it is all done. No more connections can be made. Be like a tree. Feel the air, the wind, the rain, the snow, the sounds of annoying humans/animals walking by and spread seeds of love without thinking too much. And watch it all grow. We have the tendency to get caught up in dreams, the kind of life we want to lead, the people we want to have around but maybe just for a moment, drop everything and be still. Like there’s only you and the air. Nothing else. Feel it, enjoy it and let it even make you cry. Living is adventure no one can take away from you. – Mar 6, 2019



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