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Originally written more than a month ago

It is with a very heavy heart I have to share that Sant Baba Labh Singh ji, the head of Killa Anandgarh Sahib has left this world at the age of 96. While as a mere child I understand that people cannot live forever, I am deeply saddened by this loss as the Pabla family had a deep connection with him for all of their lives. I have known him for all of our lives, ever since we were little and I really don’t know how to let go of a person who was so close. Ever since we were little, we would go to Anandpur sahib on Hola Mahalla and meet him every year. This became difficult when we moved to Canada. But in all honesty, I really understood the importance of this figure in my life 2 years ago when disease caged me and I had no idea how to find a way out of my my own mind. I have no idea why but in the most troublesome times of my life, I went to Anandpur Sahib and he and my grandfather sat along with me in my meditation as if they had always known that this day would come one day and they would need to be there for me. Having them beside me was so comforting. Because those days of anxiety and depression were very gloomy and there wasn’t really any source of direction. And although I couldn’t really sit there and tell them exactly what was bothering me, I could ask God for help through these figures who had meditated all their life. It was comforting to have this kind of help with me. To be connected to them. To know that I come from a place where I am connected to people who are so close to God. To have access to such kind of strength and power in life. There are a few things I have learned from him.

  • One thing is to know people. He knew every person in our family, including who does what. Having that level of friendship with my grandfather was admiring. Being actually interested in people to that level, to know their family to that level is a gift we all have been benefited from.
  • Second thing is to know that you can access God from anywhere, through yourself. You just have to believe. You could be in any part of the world. The religious value that the killa Anandgarh holds is with you at all times, no matter where you are in this world. Anandpur is a very powerful place and we should all always remember that. Whenever I have an unsolvable problem, I always go there for help.
  • The third thing I learned was that in God there are all answers. God is the transparent being in which we can see ourselves.

Families all over the world will feel the loss of babaji as he had touched the lives of many and guided many people around this world to lead better lives. I hope that he rests in peace. And I know that although he is gone physically, he will live on forever in our hearts. And whenever there is something I cannot solve by myself, I know he and my grandfather will appear again and help me out because I know that they may be gone for the world, but for me they are still alive.


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