Flowery Fridays – What’s worth more than your smile?

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I often say that forever is a very long time and it really is. We wait forever to start doing certain things even if we really really like doing them. Having flowers beside me everyday is one of the things I waited forever to begin using excuses like, ” It’s a waste of money”, “They die anyway” , “It’s a hassle to carry them home from the store”, “I hate having to choose from so many varieties” and “What’s the use of all of this work, really?” And in all honesty, these excuses are all valid. I can convince myself of their validity even today; I have the ability to do that. But then again… is anything else in this world worth more than my smile? Not really. In fact, not at all!

Sometimes we have to convince ourselves to do things that are important to us even if they seem small and useless in general. Things that don’t seem to have much meaning in our every day life. But…things that make us smile. The more importance we give to the little things in life and the more effort we put into keeping them alive in our lives, the more complete we feel.

So the next time you feel like postponing something that makes you smile, ask yourself,

“Is anything else in this world worth more than my smile?

See you again next-next Friday (Dec 5, 2014). Until then, keep smiling like flowers.

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