Flowery Fridays: Let’s go farther than the sky


During the winter, I haven’t been buying flowers very much because they have been dying too quickly due to the lack of sunlight. Last week, I went to get grocery and was waiting until I had picked up all the food to pick up the flowers. As I was making the payment, I realized I had forgotten to pick up the flowers :(. I paid for all the food and then went back into the store to get flowers. For some reason, there weren’t any beautiful ones. Most of them had wilted and were near death. After so much disappointment, I had found my absolute favourite – Carnations <3 <3 <3

They did not look dead and there were two shades of pink to choose from – the usual pink and the hot pink. The usual pink was calm, elegant and beautiful while the hot pink was exciting and attractive and took my heart away in a love-at-first-sight kind of way. After spending a few mins deciding, I had made my final choice. I had decided to give my heart away to the hot pink ones. It was definitely a  dangerous choice and wayyyyy more exciting than I would usually allow in my life, but it’s okay to take risks once in a while. 😉

Luckily, I found a cashier without a huge lineup and was able to get out of there quickly. Usually, I put the flowers in the side pocket of my back pack but today I had brought my grocery cart instead. The plan to carry the flowers in a bag had failed so I shoved them to the top of the cart ensuring they won’t fall. All equipped with a week’s worth of food and way-too-exciting flowers, it was time to catch the bus.

Unfortunately, the bus that would have prevented me from walking too much was 30 mins away so I took the earliest one and then suffered through dragging my cart for 3 blocks on a bumpy path of snow. 🙁  As I dragged everything home, my cart flipped over twice (thanks to the snow) but I was able to enjoy something beautiful…

Hot pink flowers against the somewhat white snow were being dragged for 3 blocks on a bumpy path in 0C…by ME! 😀 They had looked so amazing under the natural light that I had taken a few piks. So when I got home and unpacked everything, that memory was still in my mind and I was trying to describe it in words.  That is when it occurred to me:

“With not much in our hands but a lot in our hearts, let’s go farther than the sky.

Keep smiling like flowers,

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