[Flowery Fridays] – How do you treat yourself?

Usually when I buy flowers, I don’t get them wrapped. Every time I am at the checkout, the cashiers ask me if I want them wrapped and I say,

“No. They are just for myself.”
One day, I thought of experimenting by saying,
“Yes, I want them wrapped.”

The cashier wrapped it in a bright orange which was appropriate for Spring but I did not feel very good about suffocating the flowers inside paper like that. Secondly, I love putting flowers on top of my grocery cart because that way I can enjoy them as I go home and so can others. It gives me a feeling of being a flower girl I guess and it feels very nice. The second time I went to get some plants, the lady wrapped them without me asking so I didn’t really care to stop her.

Still in experimentation mode, the third time I went to get flowers, nobody asked me if I wanted them wrapped so I asked the cashier where I can get them wrapped from.

“Customer Service,” she said.
“But since it is not that busy, I will get them wrapped for you. Do you want the price tag taken off?”.
“Yes. Thank you,” I said.

She came back with wrapping paper as wide as my arms and for a second, I just stared at it. “Wow, that’s big,” I thought. She handed them to me and I took them. My plan of putting the flowers in the bag of bread had failed and now I had to carry them in my arms as it was too big to fit anywhere.

As I walked home with my cart in one hand, and flowers and bag of bread in another, I started thinking….

“Why was I so shocked about the wrapping?”
“Why did I feel that it was too big for me?”
“Do I not consider myself special enough to be treated in a special way?”
“Why do I always say no to wrapping when I buy flowers for myself?”
“Why did the effort of wrapping seem more important to me when giving presents to others and useless when giving a present to myself?”
“Why did the paper seem wasteful when it is used to wrap flowers for myself but special when it was for others?”

Something felt wrong about this whole thing. Was I not special enough to me? I definitely never intended for it to be like that. No, never; not even for a second did I intend for myself to think about myself in a non-precious way. But in my own life, was I treating myself in a way that made me feel special? No, I wasn’t. That was what was wrong. Unintentionally, I was making myself feel less special in my own life. And to be honest, hugging that huge flower packaging all the way home felt very warm in a way even though it was annoying to carry so much stuff in my hands. You see, it always starts with yourself:

If you don’t treat yourself in a special way,
You won’t think of yourself in a special way.
If you don’t think of yourself in a special way,
You won’t feel like a special person.
If you don’t feel like a special person,
You won’t act like a special person.
If you don’t act like a special person,
You won’t be seen as a special person.
If you are not seen as a special person,
You won’t be treated like a special person.
If you are not treated like a special person,
You will not feel like a special person and whole thing will repeat over and over again.

So, cut the crap. Before worrying about how the world views you, fix the way you see and treat yourself because the rest will follow. And when you are buying something for yourself, give it the same level of importance as you would if you were buying it for someone else. Why? Because you are special and you deserve all the best things in life.

And oh, this is what I got for myself on Friday. Green because I wanted to try something new. My next target is Tulips as I have never bought them before.

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Keep smiling like flowers and treat yourself the way you want to be treated,
IshKishMish 🙂

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Love the last line: Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you!

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