[Flowery Fridays] – 5 ways to decorate with flowers

If you buy flowers frequently, you will realize that there are times when you wonder what you can do differently with them. Especially when they start drying out, you don’t want to keep them because they are not as pretty to look at anymore but you can’t throw them out because they are not dead yet lol. What to do? What to do? hahaha

Today, I will share 5 different ways to decorate with flowers:

1) Spread the petals

I love this one because it makes my home look really pretty. Especially on those rainy days, they make everything feel romantic. All you have to do is find the flowers that have some good petals left. From those flowers, remove all the petals, throw away the dried out ones and keep the good ones. Now, to add a very dreamy and romantic touch to your home, spread them in any of the following places:

– Windows
– Desk
– Dinner table
– Bed
– Bath
– Top of the toilet tank

I usually spread mine in front of the windows.

Lasts: About 2 days

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2) Create a candle holder flower display

For this, you can use any object containing holes. All you have to do is pick out the flowers that are still perfectly ok, cut their stems short and put them in the holes in whatever order that pleases your heart. I enjoy this one as it doesn’t require that much effort and I can still enjoy the good flowers on their own for a few more days.

Lasts: About 2 days

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3) Make a flower bowl

A flower bowl is the perfect treat for yourself and your home. What can I say? It’s like all the pretty things in a bowl. To create this, cut the stems all the way and arrange the flowers beautifully in a bowl. Depending on how slippery your bowl is, you may have to put something underneath to hold the flowers in their place. I used the stems and arranged them vertically and horizontally in the bowl to make a grid and then arranged the flowers on top. In the picture below, I put all the dried out flowers in the outer circle, good ones in the inner circle and lastly, the buds as the centrepiece. This creation will look great even when all the flowers are dried out.

Lasts: Until you want to keep it

4) Create a petal display

Petals change their colour when they dry and sometimes look even prettier when dry. To make a petal display, you will have to wait until all of your flowers are completely dry. Then, cut the stems, open up each flower carefully, take out the petals and keep them in a glass jar for a perfect display. For this creation, I used orange and maroon petals on the bottom and pink on the top.  The purple flowers in the middle never lost their colour when they dried so I kept them forever. They add a totally new dimension to the display, as if a purple tree is emerging out of the pink soil.

Lasts: Forever

5) Stick the small buds

Small buds can be used anywhere for a a very cute display. I have put them on my sand jar but they would look equally cute on a pen, pen holder, or the side of a computer screen. Just stick them anywhere close to you and they will work beautifully to make your day.

Lasts: About 2 days

And finally, the latest flowers in my life are in the vase below. I am amazed because they have lasted longer than I thought they would. Eight months ago when I first started buying flowers, I used to think so much about how they are a waste of money and what not. I am glad that I decided to ignore these thoughts and go ahead because none of those thoughts were worth more than my smile. Now when I go to the store, I don’t think twice about picking up flowers. Yes, I take my time in selecting them but I never say to myself, “Why are you wasting money on useless things like this?” To eliminate that thought, I have set myself a budget and I never buy flowers more expensive than that unless it is a special occasion. In fact, sometimes, I can even find them on sale. I am happy that with small efforts such as these, I am gathering the courage to ignore my thoughts and lead a life driven by what makes me happy, not by what calms my worries.


Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling like flowers,

IshKishMish <3

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