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Sometimes we go through our own life like a passenger and don’t really realize that what’s around is enough to make us happy. Sometimes I really scare myself when I realize that I don’t need that much in order to feel happy every single day. What I need regardless of what I have or not, is the peace that says whatever I have is enough. That peace in itself is priceless. It cannot be bought or sold. It can only obtained by learning to see your life differently from how you feel. The great thing about that is no one can change the way you feel about your life; only you can. People can guide you, support you, hug you – but they can’t change the way you feel. Only you have the power to do that. I think of this as a strength and a weakness. Because of this power, sometimes you can be stuck in a terrible place for years (in which case it is a weakness). On the other hand, no one can make you feel less of your life because the power to make yourself feel fulfilled or not – is in your hands (in which case it serves as a strength). I have been working on making my feelings my strength for a while now and part of it has to do with learning to see the small, everyday tasks differently. Here’s my list of everyday things that I have tried to change from tiring to fulfilling:

1) Cooking:

First, I have to admit that cooking is tiring. It really is. But I love having delicious food to eat so it doesn’t help to think of it as tiring. Instead, I try to make it fun. Whenever I cook, I turn on some really old Bollywood songs and sing along as I chop, chop, chop. I dance and sing to get to everything such as taking food out of the refrigerator, washing veggies or dishes. Most importantly, I slide on the floor with my socks on because I know that they won’t get dirty (coz I cleaned the floor beforehand). I correct my posture million times as I knead the dough or wash the dishes. I stretch my body as I wait for things to cook. What gives me joy, is not only the idea of creating something to eat but also knowing that I won’t have to stand in a line to buy food the next day at lunch.

2) Laundry:

First thing I try to remind myself with laundry is that there was a time when we had to do laundry by hand and dry it on a clothesline. It was more than 10 years ago. Nowadays, all we have to do is throw everything into the washer and then remember to transfer the clothes to the dryer. It’s way easier. Secondly, I love the warmth of the clothes as I take them out of the dryer. I usually hug every single thing as I fold it. The warmth of the clothes makes me smile and feel very loved.

3) Shopping:

I hate shopping with all my heart but I am learning to be patient. As I go through the million possibilities of what to buy and then having to pick one, I try to remember the reason I am there in the first place: to get something I need. As I tell myself that I am going through all this work to get myself something that will either make my life easier or make me look pretty, I learn to smile about what I don’t usually enjoy.

4) Weather:

We all know Canadian weather is unpredictable. We have had Spring like 3 times this year and after each time, it snowed on us again. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Knowing that, I am always fully ready for a warm day. As soon as it gets warm, I will walk or ride my bike to everywhere – just to soak in all the sun and to make myself realize that after each Winter, there will always be a Summer and only I can convince myself to make the best of it.

How do you convince yourself to see your everyday life differently? Please share. 🙂


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  1. I too find cooking boring but then I try to experiment with new recipes and that makes it interesting 🙂

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