[Dec 18] What made me smile today?

Date: Dec 18, 2014


“The Smile Project” is about focusing on the happy things in life and making the effort to record and remember them. By the end of this project, I hope to have a huge list of things that made me smile at some point in life. You can join as well. 🙂

My Bouquet of Smiles for Today: 

1) The Work Progress:

Every day, I am learning cool tricks to create different charts in Excel and it’s so much fun. For mathematic geeks like me, seeing a visual representation of the numbers is an exciting moment. Slowly and slowly, I am moving forward with my project and learning SO much. It’s perfect! I am very happy to be a part of a company that allows me to grow every day and supports me in my career dreams. 🙂

2) The Hidden Me:

It was soooo cold in the office today that everyone was freezing. Having glass windows provides an amazing view of the outside world but makes it really cold inside. Today, I was sitting with my oversized poncho over my head, my blanket on legs and my heater on. Everyone visiting me couldn’t stop laughing about it. I couldn’t either lol but you gotta do what you gotta do to stay warm. 😀

3) The Calendar Mistake:

I booked a meeting using Dec 2015 schedule rather than 2014. I am only a year ahead you know 😛

4) The Snack Party:

Before everyone heads off to their home for Christmas Eve, my coworkers decided to have a lil’ snack party and kindly extended their invitation to me. I am excited about baking something sweet and sharing it with others. I cannot be missing from anything that involves sweets  lol 😛

5) The Step on the Ice:

When the temperature went down to -20C, the city decided to create a skating area in the downtown park. Who knew it would all melt a week later? That has never happened before. So today, they were flooding the area with more water and I believe it’s just going to freeze from now on. I can’t wait to watch the little kids skating around. I have never stepped on the ice but I noticed that the last few days, people have just been stepping on the ice in their regular shoes and trying to have fun sliding funnily on the ice. So I tried it myself very carefully near a tree so that I could hold onto the tree if I slip. I stepped off immediately but I am beginning to think about skating as fun rather than scary.

6) Heart to Heart:

A heart to heart conversation with a friend always makes me happy 🙂

Today’s Conclusion

Today’s lesson is about contentment. It’s really easy to fool yourself into thinking that what you have is not enough. It’s very easy to shift your focus from what you have to what you don’t have. It’s very easy to keep running towards expectations and feeling unaccomplished as a result. But no matter what choices you make every day, the question to ask at the end of each day is, “are you happy?” People believe that when they finally gain a certain something, they will be happy. And it does make them happy when they achieve it….but for how long? There’s a famous quote about happiness that goes like this:

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a month, get married. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help others.~Chinese Proverb

It is sadly true. True happiness does not come from having anything; it comes from within your heart. If today, you lose everything you ever worked for and find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no home, food or money, can you manage to be content with what you have? Can you manage to see the moment you are in and appreciate it? If you can, no matter what happens in life, you will always be happy. Why? Because happiness does not come from having the best of everything but making the best of everything. I had heard this sentence a long ago myself and it hadn’t made much sense at that time but slowly and slowly, it’s starting to make more sense. You should never be the reason for your own unhappiness. You should always be able to look around and be content with whatever you have. And never push yourself too hard to become someone you are not meant to be. You will waste your time only to end back up at the starting point.

That man is happiest whose pleasures are cheapest. ~Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Very nice post! Every little bit of what you said reminds me of an aunt I have. She has always been the type of person that wants to have the best of everything. She’s like a child, the next new toy she sees she wants. It saddens me because she has raised her children the same way. Everyone that doesn’t know them personally admires them for the “rich life” they live. They change cars often, every weekend they buy clothes, and they are barely holding on to the business they own. They like the attention but in reality they are living the most unhappy life. Life has to be lived with simplicity and filled with happiness. Like you said, “You should never be the reason for your own unhappiness.” I’m glad you find happiness everyday at the end of your day 🙂

    • I think it’s hard to really see why people do what do they do. It’s also hard to know what’s really in their hearts and minds. The sources of happiness are different for different people so I would not judge anyone. If I could choose, I would like to offer people my understanding rather than my judgement. I feel that that’s what makes people change.

  2. Alexander supertramp once said happiness is real when it is shared. Good to see you are sharing your warm happy stories in this super cold weather 🙂

  3. I loved your post today! The Smile Project is working for you. 😀 I can tell you are much happier and more content. That is wonderful! I think it is great that you work for a company that is so supportive of your goals and ambitions. That is fortunate. I could picture you with the heater on, your poncho on and a blanket. Ha! I also loved what you said about happiness. You are right on with that. I have always heard that, “Happiness is the journey, NOT the destination.” I think you are bringing much joy and happiness in to yourself in your journey. I love this quote, “Happiness is not having the best of everything, but making the best of everything.” Excellent post!!

    • Thank you, PJ!! That quote about happiness being a journey is one of the quotes very dear to my heart. A lot time ago a friend had given me a badge with that written on it. Later, I had it engraved on my iPod. I am glad you enjoyed reading everything :))

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