Consider Your Life Preciously

I recently watched a historical korean drama called The Night Watchman. The idea behind the show was that ghosts and spirits take over the royal family and lead it to its demise. The evil spirits attack king’s young son and the king leaves the palace to kill them in order to protect his son. He succeeds. After returning from his journey, however, he is believed to have been taken over by evil spirits. He starts believing that his queen is cheating on him, his son is not his own and even tries to kill his own son. Eventually, the king loses his life and the queen is killed, leaving their 2 sons behind.

Due to political reasons, the son who was supposed to be the next king is thrown out of the palace and the throne is given to the his sibling. The new king is happy about this accomplishment as he had always been jealous of his brother. However, soon after he becomes the king, he starts seeing someone no one else can see; someone who looks exactly like him and irritates him with his words all day long. Throughout the series, this duplicate guy visible only to the king says things that misleads the king. There is nowhere the king can go to avoid him. He chitter chatters all day long saying things such as,

“You were never meant to be the king. The throne was always meant to be your brother’s.”
“You are the reason the country is in a terrible state.”
“You are not worthy of being a king.”
“You don’t have the power to change anything.”
“You are a useless king.”
“Your grandmother and brother are plotting together to steal the thrown away from you.”
“There is no one you can trust.”
“There is no one to protect you. You are all alone.”

Due to these thoughts of worthlessness and inability to trust anyone around him, he ends up doing a lot of things that are not right for the country. Eventually, it even leads to his grandmother’s death. That is when he decides to pick up a knife and kill himself. Right at that moment, however, his grandmother’s spirit appears in front of him and says, “All my life, I have been worrying about your brother [due to him being thrown out of the palace] but as I was leaving, I just couldn’t go. I was worried about you. Consider your life preciously, dear King. If you have done wrong, then reflect on it and change.” In that moment, as they cry and hug, the duplicate guy who had been haunting him forever finally disappears.

The thing is… you don’t always know how much someone cares about you or loves you or worries about you. The right thing to do every day is to consider your life preciously regardless of what you think or feel. Once you – the person in charge of your life – make that decision, all doubts, judgements and questions will disappear because in the path of life, you will have finally found your life’s worthiness in your own eyes.

Have a great week ahead. Thank you for reading.
IshKishMish 🙂
Regina, SK, Canada, Feb 28, 2015, 4:37PM, – 10C

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What you have is enough.

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