In life, we always have to make choices. Choices determine the kind of life we will lead. Choices set the path we are going to walk on everyday. In the past, I had heard the phrase, “Choose to be happy” and it never made sense. How can you choose to be something you are not? How can you choose to be happy when you are sad? What the heck? Seriously!


One of the choices that impact our lives in a dramatic yet invisible way is how we choose to think about the possibilities, events, actions etc in our lives.

How do we interpret losing someone/something?
How do we think about the people in our lives?
How do we think about the people who are not in our lives?
How do we react to the sad events in our life?
How do we let a situation affect us?
What new ideas/things/opinions do we allow to enter our lives every day?
With every single event, do we let ourself become miserable or do we let ourself glow?

The famous opinion of the world is that sad events make us sad and happy events make us happy. Based on this opinion, if we meet a “sad” person, it is safe to assume that he/she must have been through a lot of sad times in life and nothing ever seem to have gone right for that person, and if we meet a “happy” person, it is safe to assume that he/she had a lot of good times and never had to worry about anything in their life. What if I told you that that is not true? That a “happy” person could have been through as many difficulties as the “sad” person? Would you believe me?

For a few seconds, try to think about this….

What if sad events had the ability to make us feel sad but not sad enough to make us think that all was gone forever and that there was absolutely no hope left for the rest of our lives?
What if, after every sad event, we continued to think of life’s possibilities as endless and amazing?
What if nothing could possibly hit us so hard to not be able to feel anything at all?
What if?
Have you ever thought about that possibility?


To be continued next Monday….

Have a good week ahead,

IshKishMish 🙂


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