The light within me

When I was a child, someone (I don’t remember who!) told me that if I sit in a dark room, close my eyes and work hard enough to concentrate in the area in the between my 2 eyes, and repeat Mool Mantra* over and over again, I will discover a light emerging from within. At that time, I did try it and as far as I remember (and perhaps it was due to my imagination or perhaps, reality), I did discover it: the light within me.

Over the last couple of years, I have wondered (perhaps, unknowingly) quite a lot about it. The light within me. 

What makes me realize my dreams?

What encourages me to think differently?

What encourages me to look beyond the surface?

What gives me the strength to keep on believing, in life, and in myself?

What makes me feel alive?

What forces me to change my direction when I choose the “normal” ways ?

What makes me stronger?

What helps me make the best of current moment regardless of what’s happening in the other areas of my life?

What saves me from my own misery?

What supports me when I have to deal with things that are not under my control?

What brings me back to my attention every single day?

I think it is the light within me. 

So regardless of what I may gain or lose in life, I will always and always, believe in the light within me. If, for a short time, we really forget about everything that may be happening in all areas of our lives, and focus completely on ourselves, I believe that we’ll find all the answers we’ve always been looking for. It’s just a matter of taking the time to find that light within you.

*Notes: Mool Mantra is the first paragraph of the Sikh holy book. You can read about Mool Mantra here:


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