2018 – A year of video making

I was thinking of spending my Sunday evening the usual way: watching Netflix. But then I realized I should probably do something productive. These days I have been spending my time dreaming (my 2018 vision). Ideas are flooding into my head and quite honestly, I am not doing a good job of writing them down. Content-wise I think I want to focus a lot more on my videos now. I started a YouTube channel a few years ago but I haven’t done anything too consistently on it. I post a video once a month on what’s been making me smile

  1. The Smile Project: I really want to take the smile project further. The simple act of recording things that make me smile in a day has been a life changer for me many many times in life and I want to take this tool to others. I think you hear a lot of “be in the present moment” talk but you rarely get to hear how exactly. And I feel The Smile Project is the answer to this.
  2. Meditation: After a year of gap, I started meditating again recently. I want to document my progress with my meditations and how exactly I am changing as a result of them. I think a lot of people ask how exactly meditation helps a person and this series should answer exactly that question,
  3. Re-brand my website: Another thing I want to do this year is re-brand my website. I am thinking of searching for a new theme and just organizing things differently.

For now, that’s all for my goals. I really want to jump into video making and editing this year and I hope to document my journeys in video this year. I hope you follow along. Yesterday, I was looking at my old videos and I saw videos for Winter and Spring and it really made me realize what kind of videos I enjoy making. Life, as it is. Just the journey of life. I used to pay attention to so much more before than I do today. I have to get back into paying attention to the little things because in a video you need every single angle. Close-up, far away, somewhere in the middle, everything. It involves people, places, things, settings. A good video I feel is combination of many different angles and many different views. In fact it is a hollistic view of a journey. Journey. I feel like that’s what I should document. My journey in life.

I don’t think that you have to have a lot of things in life to document what you already do. Sometimes you watch videos online and you wish for that person’s life. They seem so happy and content and you want that feeling in your life. And you think that maybe by doing what they are doing, you could possibly be happy. I don’t think that’s the right thing to conclude. Just because a path made someone else happy doesn’t mean it’s the right path for you. But still, this content that we watch online leaves us a with a feeling. A feeling of wanting more. And I think, at least for me, it’s about creating content rather than consuming. The art of creating something requires time and is actually quite fulfilling. And I sincerely feel that the happiness and fulfillment we see in content creators’ videos is not because their life is smooth sailing all the time, but because they take the time in documenting their journeys no matter what kind of time they are going through. I don’t think that if we took the same path as them career-wise we can possibly accomplish the same level of happiness that we see in their videos. I think to be truly happy, you have to walk the path that’s there for you and document it. You have to start telling your story and whosoever relates will associate with you. That’s all. We can change the setting of our story anytime. But the elements of it always contain you. Maybe just focus on you. Share what you are going through today and that’s about it. Just be who you are. Life will keep going.

Hope you all are doing well. Keep smiling like flowers.

IshKishMish <3

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